Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Faith of a Child...

"Dear God, Thank for this day. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my new puppy. Please help Daddy get a new job. And please let us move Virgingiga. Thank you. Amen." ---Isaac

The only reason that Isaac wants to move to Virgingiga, is because we informed him that it is close to the ocean...and they have snow. Oh, and it is close to Rex. Crazy boy. But you have to love how they pray so specifically for what they want.
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Monday, July 13, 2009


I really really realllllyyyy need a name for my Coupon Class Business. If you have anything creative, please leave me a comment. I have been calling it "The Coupon Class" , which I actually like, but can't use b/c it is already being used.

So...what are your ideas?
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My sinful kids.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with my littles. Abs and Isaac were talking amongst themselves in the backseat when one of them brought up SIN. dumdumdumduuuummmmm.

I love these kind of talks. The ones where they ask a million and a half questions that are as far outfield as they can possibly be. For some reason, this conversation started with the question of, "Mom, have you ever lied?" WHAT? I then answered, "Well, yes I have. It is not a good thing to do, but Mommy has lied before." Abbie was shocked! Then, it seems we entered into a confession of sin. Isaac felt the need to confess that he had hidden a Poptart that morning in a basket...and then lied about it. He asked if I was going to make him eat it when we got home. lol. Abbie admitted to lying about picking up her room the night before, but really she stuffed all the "yucky" stuff under the bed. I told them that needed to ask the right people for forgiveness, and then make it right. (This meant that Isaac did not get a snack, and had to retrieve the poptart and put it in the trash. Abbie had to clean out from under the bed.)

Somehow, at the end of the conversation, we talked about how God forgives you from your sin. I also explained that while God will forgive you of your sin, that doesn't mean that you will not be affected by it. They asked about the POP TART! lol I told them, that when I was younger, a pastor told me that he imagined facing God one day...and a movie screen. And that on the movie screen would be pictures of his sin and how it affected Christ. And then he would imagine that Christ would take that screen and destroy it, allowing him in. But, not before his sins were found out. lol. I told the kids that I am not sure that this will ever happen...or like that...but it could help them remember that their sins WILL be found out someday!

Abbie got very quiet. Then said, "Mom, I am going to be very embarressed! I sinned once while I was naked! GROSS!" Then...a little while later, Isaac asked if Adam and Eve would be in Heaven. I told him that I could not say yes or no.

After a little more silence from the ever thinking children, Abs says, "Mom, who do you think married Adam and Eve at their wedding? I think it was an owl...they are really smart and could probably talk to Adam and Eve." I told her that again, I did not know, but I would imagine that God married them. She thought that was a good answer. And stopped talking. For a long time. lol.

I love these kind of conversations. I know I need to write them down, so when there are days like today...days when I wanna send them outside for 5 hours with some food and water... I can see God working in them. And maybe have a little grace. Maybe.
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