Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Good Thing...

It's a good thing when your life is so full that you do not have time to blog about it!

I promise that by the end of the week, I will be caught up. Or maybe I shouldn't promise that! Who knows what might happen that will take it's exciting place over blogging and facebook! lol.

Life is Good...and I am enjoying it.
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Monday, December 22, 2008


Im-man-u-el, noun; God With Us

This year, I have personalized this meaning. God with Me. I have been waiting to write this post for awhile now, as I relished my personal "Sun-shine", and was having a hard time explaining it in words to others... I have been so blessed by a wonderful gift for Christmas. It is the gift of a personal walk with my Lord. A deep and intimate relationship. One that has yet to surprise me with little smiles. And one that has filled my soul to the deepest corners with awe-inspiring happiness, joy, peace, and contentment.

I was shocked this year, when I noticed that the little girlie "It's Christmas time" feeling, never fully arrived in my heart. Almost worried about it to a point. I mentioned it to a friend, who shared her deep disappointment that this childlike quality had faded in my life. This caused me to evaluate. I am not unhappy. I am not discouraged. In fact, my heart has been soaring. My childlike wonder is there, but it is geared towards a new amazement. His mighty Hand. I am bewildered at the way that God's mighty Hand moved in my life this year. This time last year, I was a broken woman. I hurt in every possible way one can imagine. I was terrified over what my future held, afraid that I could not fulfill His purpose due to my inadequacies. I was grieving for many lost children. Lost relationships as a whole. I had a hard time getting out of bed some mornings, because I just longed for Heaven. After all...nothing on Earth was good. It was all tainted.

God has brought me to a full 360. I am blessed beyond all words to have Him run after me. To have Him wait for me to fall into His everlasting arms of comfort. To have had Him cover me with His mighty wings, waiting like a patient Father for me to heal and grow once again. He had come to me. He had filled me with that Living Water.

New and more important meaning to Christmas. This is the very first year that all of the "merriment" has taken a second place in my life. I have come to the place that I am almost disappointed when I have to leave my place of personal worship, and enter into merriments of Christmas. I want to stay hidden away, dwelling with my Savior, and hiding it all as a treasure in my heart. Don't get me wrong, I still love all the other things. I adore my lights. I love giving presents to all those sweet little ones in my life. And, I cherish each Christmas song I hear. I desire family time...because they are the earthly blessings that God has chosen to help us live a little happier here on Earth. But, when it all comes down to it...I am so thankful for the Immanuel. For the "God is With ME". And I find it quite fitting that this Christmas is my 25th one as a beliver.

Praying that you all have come to the same little miracle in your own life. And that you truely feel that wonderful, magnificent movement of God Being With You.

---Be sure to scroll down for the past few weeks in pictures...beware, there are a lot!---
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The Living Nativity

We were so blessed with the opportunity to serve our Lord this Christmas. It was purely amazing. Every night, we walked away with a tired happiness settling into our hearts. This production was just awesome, and the cast members showed us that serving Him is a joy even in the 15 degree weather, rain, and amazing winds. I tried to get a shot from each scene in order, but missed one scene. So, here are the 11/12 scenes of the Lafayette Living Nativity.

Scene One
The Garden of Eden---The Need for a Savior
Scene Two
Noah's Ark---The People Rebel

Brian is being told by Noah to REPENT! (Brian was in the brown Carhartt at the edge of the picture)
Scene Three
The Savior is Coming---picture was too blurry due to lighting..sorry.

Scene Four

Scene 5
The Manager---The Savior has Come.

Scene 6
The Shepherds---This reminded me of Charlie Brown's Christmas...lol.

Scene 7
The Wisemen

Isaac spooked one of the camels, and the poor thing tried to run away from him. Only to remember that he was on a lead. Poor Camel.

Scene 8
Raising Lazarus

Scene 9
Calming the Waters

The disciples rowed so hard, and were so frightened, that they rocked the boat too hard. Rocked it off its rocker. We all sang, "Don't rock the boat, baby." for most of the evening.
Scene 10
The Crucifixion

Scene 11
He's Alive!

Scene 12
Christ Returns!

This poor guy had the worst part in the whole production. He had to stand on a platform in the middle of the parking lot. It was freezing! But, as you can see, there is air blowing up his robe. That was hot air. ;) We told him that Mary was supposed to be the only pregnant one! lol.
Abbie had the blessing of serving with Miss Jamie. Miss Jamie took care of her in Bethlehem and at the Crucifixion scene. Brian and I are so thankful for friends that take thought of our child's spiritual well being. It was a very neat thing for Abbie to be able to serve. And she could not have done without Miss Jamie...THANKS JAMIE!

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The Christmas Ball

Isaac wakes up every morning to see if "Santa" has come yet. On this morning, Brian happened to be standing in the office doorway to see it. He grabbed my camera and took this picture. It was the first morning that there was a gift there~

Abbie has loved going to the American Girl Club meetings at our local Barnes and Nobles (the children's dept people ROCK!) This month, they had a darling ball for the girls. They taught them how to Waltz, played parlor games, and made dough thingys. Topped with cupcake towers and punch. It was so sweet to see those girls all dressed up with their babies.
Abbie has a few friends from church that she goes with too, which makes it extra fun!

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Abbie WON!!!!

Abbie worked hard at a Bible Verse contest in our local paper. She was so excited to put the stamp on the envelope and mail in the real mail. About 2 weeks later, she got the call that she had won! Thrilled, she and Brian went to pick up her Bible.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Great Provider

I am never un-amazed at the way that my Lord works. He plans everything out in our lives to fit together like this beautiful puzzle. I must admit, my puzzle looks something like a big dump truck at times, but He is forever working it into a beauty!

Last week, we thought that our finances looked like a garbage truck. I have not been babysitting for awhile now, Brian lost all of his overtime, and we found out that he did not get to work the last week of December. MESS!!! But, my Great Provider had already laid out a plan.

So many little things have been pieced together. From Gas and Electric to Christmas for the kids...Even a little desire that Abbie had! There was a dress that Abbie had been wanting for months. I just happened (yeah right...God sent me into that store!) to walk into the Once Upon A Child at the time that they had marked the entire store down to 60% off!!!! Seriously. And it just so happened that they had the dress Abs had wanted. In her size. Seriously...now tell me that The Maker of the oceans and The Creator of the stars, does not care about the desires of a 7 year old little girl.

Things just keep falling together. And while we are not living in the Ritz...nor are we secure in our finances, God has promised to provide, and He is already showing that He has and that He will. What a Beautiful Provider He IS.
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Congrats To The Snowman Lady

Some of my friends know "The Snowman Lady". She is the sweet lady who made us all personalized Snowman Kits, to help raise money for her journey to becoming a mother. Remember her??? Well, she does have a name other than "The Snowman Lady"...it is Niki.

A few weeks back, Niki found out that she was expecting!!!! I was thrilled, and wanted to announce it here, but waited to make sure that her wee one would be a "Sticky Snowflake". I did not want to hurt Niki by posting it, only for heartache later.

I am thrilled to offer a CONGRATS to Niki and Mark...there sweet little Snowflake passed all of her/his tests, and is on his/her way to growing like a weed! Please join me in praying for this dear family...

And if you would like to read her news, here is a link to her blog:

Niki and Mark's Blog
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Matchups

Sorry that last week's matchups went undone. I could use the excuse of "It was my big 3-0 birthday" or ... "I was overwhelmed with all of the Christmas decorations" or... "I was too astonished that I got the week before out on Monday, instead of Tuesday..." or... I was just lazy. Any of those might work. lol.

Anyhow...Here is this weeks! And, as a bonus and an apology, I am adding in a sale sneak peak for CVS that will be on the 21st and 22nd of December. :)

Meijer copied from HCW
Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats--.99
SALE: $1.99
MQ: $1/1—11/16--

Quaker Granola Bars--$1.00
SALE: 4/$6--$1.50 ea.
MQ: $1/2—11/16--

Jiff Peanut Butter--$1.30
SALE: 2/$4--$2 ea.
MQ: .35/1 – 11/09—

Coffee-Mate Creamer, FREE
SALE: .99
MQ: .50/1 - 11/02

Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough 1.00
SALE: 2/$4
MQ: 1.00/1 - 12/07

Hershey's Baking chips 3/$4
SALE: 3/$5
MQ: 1.00 off 3 --11.16

For Indianapolis Shoppers Only---Goes through December 11th.
Meijer has the buy any 3 Hanes socks and undies, get $10.00 off. Not sure of all the prices, but toddlers socks are only $3.99, so $2.00 for three packs.

Planters mixed nuts or whole cashews $3.00 spend $15.00 get 5 ecbs limit 1

Hersheys Candy Spend 20 get 10 ecbs[limit 1]

2 DAY FREE AFTER ECB (December 21 and 22nd Sunday & Monday ONLY ) after Monday no ECB's
Listerine antiseptic 16.9oz $2.99 get $2.99 limit 5
$1/1 Listerine Premium 500 mL or larger exp 12-31-08
from CVS Diabetes coupon Book

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail Color $5.99 get $5.99 limit 2
.50 off Sally Hansen Nail Color, Any - 09-28-08 SS
$3/2 from CVS Beauty Book also referred to as the Reinventing Beauty flyer.
Arm & Hammer Essentials starter kit $2.99 get $2.99 limit 5
Print Your Coupon $1/1(Wildehart2015)
I found an Arm & Hammer Essentials display in CVS about a month ago that had a holder full of MIR forms, and they don't expire until 6/15/09. So be on the lookout!
L'Oreal HIP Metalic eye shadow duos $6.99 get $6.99 limit 2
L'Oreal VisibleLift Product Or Any Makeup, Powder, Blush Or Concealer, $2/1 Any - 10-05-08 RP
ThermaCare neck to arm heatwrap 1ct $2.49 get $2.49 limit 3
$1/1 Thermacare heat wraps (excluding trial size) - 11-30-08 PG
Right Guard Professional solid 1.8oz or aerosol 6oz $6.00 get $6.00 limit 5
.50/1 IP http://sweeps.rightguard.com/index.html(use code rightguard) link comes in your email when you play this IWG:
Also $2/1 Q inside Professional Aerosol box lid.

Zipfizz energy 3ct $5.99 get $5.99 limit 1

Excedrin Express Gels 20ct $3.99 get $3.99 limit 1
Print Your Coupon $2/1 (Ceniceros)
Rebate for Excedrin Express Gels. It says "Save up to $6.99 By Mail when You Buy Excedrin Express Gels 20 Ct. Cash receipt is to be dated between 10/19/08 and 12/31/08, rebate request to be postmarked by 12/31/08. Lmt 1 rebate per person, family, household or address. 10/19/08 SS (

Alteril sleep aid 30ct $9.99 get $9.99 limit 1

Halls Naturals 25ct $2.59 get $2.59 limit 1
Halls Cough Drops Single Bag, $1/2 or .50/1 Any 20 Ct. + - 10-26-08 SS
Halls Single Bag .50/1 20ct + - All You magazine (Issue 11, November 21, 2008)
Halls, Halls Sugar Free, Halls Naturals, Halls Breezers or any Halls Defense; .35/1 any bag (20 ct or larger) DND - All You, September 2008
Other Taerpads around
EAS AdvantEdge bar 2.11oz $1.69 get $1.69 limit 1
Zantac 150 8ct $4.99 get $4.99 limit 1
11/09/08 SS has $1/1 Q as well as up to $5.oo MIR
Zantac Heartburn Relief, $1/1 on Any - 10-26-08 SS
Zantac Heartburn Relief, $1/1 on Any - 09-21-08 SS

EAS AdvantEdge shake 4pk $7.49 get $7.49 limit 1
Benefiber drink mix 16ct $7.29 get $7.29 limit 1
Benefiber, $2/1 Any Stick Pack - 11-16-08 SS
Benefiber $2/1 Stick Packs, Any - 10-19-08 SS

Iceland Health joint relief 60ct $29.99 get $29.99 limit 1 <>

Slimquick 2pk 4oz total $4.99 get $4.99 limit 1

Sleepinal 32ct $8.49 get $8.49 limit 5

Reynold's Alum. Foil 20 sf., $.01 overage
SALE: $.99 w/ 7-Day IVC
MQ: $1

Kelloggs Rice Krispies (and other varities), GDA .99
SALE: $1.99
MQ: $1/1 Kelloggs Rice Krispies and other selected varities 11/9/08 RP

Maybelline Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Liner, FREE
SALE: B1G1 free Maybelline Cosmetics (last pg of ad)
MQ: $4 off any Maybelline Lipstick, Lipliner or Lip Gloss from upcoming 12/7 RP

$5 RR on $25 purchase on 12/10 --- 12/13

Buy $15 worth of the following products, get $5 in Register Rewards
Starbucks Fraps $6.00
Pepsi 2 Liters 4/5
Tropicana Orange Juice 2/6
Sobe and Aquafina flavored Water 4/4
Gatorade 4.99

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holidays at The Little White House...

We were driving around the circle downtown, when I look back to see Abbie smiling so big, that she had a little tear coming out of her eye. I asked her if she was happy, and she said, "I feel so Christmasy that I can feel my heart beating hard!" Now, that is my child. And I will have to admit, I was prouder at that moment than I was when she figured out how to add three digit numbers. That comment made me realize that I might be growing up...and now passing on that Christmas delight to my sweet children. Brian also commented on how he felt a little giddy as he walked into Walmart and heard the Christmas music playing. Have I finally rubbed off??? Maybe!

So, here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend. Really, more pictures of our little humble abode. Welcome to our home...

I can not believe that Brian happily hung the boughs of holly this year! lol... And yes, he did sing that song while hanging them. I was so proud...and thankful!

Every "vacation" we take, we get an ornament for our tree. We always write the trip and year on the ornament somewhere. This was our new one. Picked out by Brian at Disney. He actually bought it from a Philipino woman named Philis. lol. For some reason, this ornament was the highlight of the tree this year. That trip brought us such an extreme joy.
Abbie trying to get it at the top.
A tradition that we started a few years back...the first night that the tree is up, the kids get to sleep in the Family Room with the tree lights on. All about the magic baby...
Evil man.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too Excited!

While I know that I have friends in the North Pole regions that will be laughing at me, I am so excited. Can not go to sleep actually!

Tonight...we will get our snow!

Still up in the air (hahahaha...little weather man humor for you) over how much, but it sounds like enough for a snowman! Niki's kit will be making his debut.

Checking back tomorrow with Thanksgiving at the Pulliams, Christmas trimmings at the little white house, and our first snow pictures of the season.

Happy Dreams...and please do not rain (yikes...rain...I mean snow) on my parade by telling me that you got 27 inches. :P (yes...that means you Lisa and Dawn)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lover...Your Beloved Needs You.

I was driving through the country this morning. All alone as Brian had the kids in the car in front of me. I was kind of having a little bit of a pity party for myself. Feeling alone. Struggling with the lack of close comfortable friends, the lack of babies that should have made their way into our earthly family, and the lack of a husband who is gone insane hours most weeks. Just feeling sorry for myself.

So, I turned on the radio. The song "You've been a bad, bad boy" popped on. LOL. Was God telling me something, possibly. But, I turned the knob from Brian's oldies station, to my Christian station. Ahh....Sweetness filled my car. The soft piano starting beating out the notes to, "I will lift my eyes." We sang this song on Sunday. And while the entire lyrics are just wonderful, there is a certian few phrases that have touched my soul, and caused me to realize that I have a Lover. Even if "I" feel the lack of earthly companionship, my Lover holds me close to Him...and I should snuggle in. As this song played, I looked out on the fields, and saw the sun peeking through the trees, hitting the frost on the ground in a magical light show. I felt near Him. I felt un- alone. I felt ashamed for ever feeling so, and for not first offering praise before my plea for companionship.

"I will lift my eyes to the Healer
of the hurt I hold inside"

"Cause You are and You were and You will be forever
the Lover I need to save me
'Cause You fashioned the earth and You hold it together, God
so hold me now"

"God, my God, I cry out
Your beloved needs You now
God, be near calm my fear and take my doubt
Your kindness is what pulls me up
Your love is all that draws me in"

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Praise Him

Remember what our purpose in life is??? Can you put it into to one word? Try this word: GLORIFY. or...Try this one: PRAISE.

Hmmm...how many of us are doing either one? Seriously. I was extremely convicted last week during worship service. We read a Psalm together, don't know which one since that was 1.5 weeks ago, but it talked about the need that God's creation has to Praise Him. And the desire that God has to hear that praise. I don't know why, but it really struck something in my heart. I was standing there singing and praising at that moment. And I remember thinking at that moment, "God must love to hear His loved ones sing words of PRAISE to Him." I mean, don't we all love to be complimented? God loves it even more. He is a jealous God...who loves when HIS children LOVE HIM. That sends chills up my spine just typing it. God is pleased for us to Praise Him, and angry when we ignore His Goodness.

Today, I was jumping in the car to drop some things off in the mail. I hear the bells of the church down the street tolling. They were pounding out, "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow." At first, my heart was warmed by it. And I thought, yes, Praise God! Then, my heart turned to the guys walking into the bar down the street...I could see them from where the car was parked. They could hardly stand upright as they entered in to get more to drink. My heart was sickened. I thought, here this doxology is ringing out into our town, and these people have no desire to offer anything of themselves to their Creator. I was mad. And then convicted yet again. I am no better than they. In fact, I wonder if at times I am worse. I am a believer. I KNOW better. To him that knoweth to do good...and doeth it not....to HIM IT IS SIN. I know my purpose in life. I am to Praise and Glorify. I do both miserably each day.

But, I am determined to be better. I want to shine with His glory. I want my mouth to speak His praises. I want to shout Thanksgivings...and it be all about Him. Because it should be.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Coming...


On Monday...go figure. I must be really sick or something...or just prepared? Hmmmm.

I am working on it, and going to throw in my favorite BLACK FRIDAY deals too!!! Yipppppeee!

Be back later!

Back---And here it is:


Daisy Sour Cream 16 oz. GDA .25 ea.

SALE: 4/$5
MQ: .50 11/16 SS

Seriously, that is all that I saw thaw wooo hooo exciting there this week. They are holding off for their Black Friday sale! :)


Mineral Power Liquid Foundation MONEY MAKER
SALE: 8.99
MQ: 2.00/1 9/21 insert or 3.00/1 10/26 insert
ECB: 8.99

Crest SpinBrush .99
SALE: 4.99


ECB: 2.00

Right Guard Professional Strength .99
ECB: 7.00

Complete Multi- Purpose Solution Money Maker
SALE: 8.99
MQ: 1.00/1 10/26 insert or there is a printable for 2.00/1 HERE
ECB: 8.99

MQ: $1/1 Peelie There is a peelie on most of the little cans of Altoids at Walgreens!

Scotch 3M packing tape, GDA .99 for 2 rolls
SALE: 2.99/2
MQ: $1/1 11/23 insert

CVS BLACK FRIDAY: Copied from Hotcouponworld.com

5 Hr. energy drink 2 pk. = $3.99 Get $3.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )

Aussie shampoo, conditioner, or styler = $2.99 Get $2.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
10/12 PG Aussie product $1 off

Bic Soliel single razor w/2 cartidges & shower holder = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
11/2 SS Bic Razor $3 off

Colgate total toothpaste = $2.99 Get $2.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
11/02 SS $1/1 Colgate Total Advanced, Any 4 Oz.+ = $1.00 MM
Colgate Total Advanced, Any 4 Oz.+ $1.50/1
Welcome to Colgate-Palmolive: oral care, personal care, household care, fabric care and pet nutrition. = $1.50 MM

CoverGirl Smoothers liquid makeup = $7.99 Get $7.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
10/12 PG $1 off any covergirl
11/2 PG $1 off any covergirl

CoverGirl Smoothers pressed powder = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
10/12 PG $1 off any covergirl
11/2 PG $1 off any covergirl

Garnier Nutritioniste cleansing towelette 25ct = $5.99 Get $5.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
11/9 RP Garnier Nutritioniste Cleanser $1 off

Gatorade G2 20oz = $1.49 Get $1.49 ECB ( Limit 3 )

Hershey King size bars = $1 Get $1 ECB ( Limit 1 )

Johnsons Soft Lotion = = $5.69 Get $5.69 ECB ( Limit 1 )
11/2 RP Johnsons Baby Product $1 off
IP for $1 off Melt Away Stress or any Johnson's Body Product

L’Oreal Colour Juice sheer lipgloss = $6.99 Get $6.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )
IP for $1 off any L'Oreal product
Register, go through one of the diagnostic surveys, at the end you should be able to get the coupon.
11-02-08 RP ~ $1/1 Exp. 1/25/2009

Magnovox Universal Remote or Philips headphones = $6.99 Get $6.99 ECB ( Limit 2 )

Maybelline Mineral Powder or Liquid Foundation $8.99 Get $8.99 ECB ( Limit 1 )
9/21 RP Maybelline Foundation $2 off
10/26 RP Maybelline Foundation $3 off

Sally Hansen maximum growth plus nourishing nail color = $3.79 Get $3.79 ECB ( Limit 1 )
mq$1 off sally hanson nail treatment, color or lip (beauty book exp 12/31/08)
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


(hěr'ĭ-tĭj) n.
  1. Something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition.

Today, we had a little lesson in Heritage. I love these lessons. They make my kids listen in a way that no other lesson does! There hearts are open to hear just one little peep from a world gone by. They can't wait to hear someone's name mentioned that they might know. They both smile happily as Mommy passes on a tradition to one more generation. And they know that they are required to pass it down as well.

Today....we made Goop.

Goop is a heritage passed on from my Grandpa. I remember my mom telling me stories of him as she whipped up this divine creation, on cold winter days. I can remember the smell of the goop as we sat on the floor in the Hendricks Dr kitchen, not-so-patiently waiting for our yummy lunch. I can almost taste it (ok...so I just ate some, that is why I can STILL taste it...lol). It is a Heritage moment. A moment and memory that will be passed on to my kids. 4 generations of Goop lovers. And Abbie and Isaac ARE goop lovers.

Oh---and Goop is a simple recipe of Peanut Butter, Syrup, and Butter. The syrup makes the peanut butter all gooey. Thus---goop.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do You See What I See???

Says the Momma Shaw to the little girl...
Do You see what I see?
On the porch, to the little girl...
Do You See What I See?

It's Snow...It's snow
Glimmering so bright
It is fluffy, cold, and white
It is fluffy, cold, and white.

Yes...There was snow in Attica last night! Sweetness. Made a great end to a somewhat discouraging day. Brian left for work, and called me to the door. There was my beautiful gift from God, laying so peaceful and miraculously on our porch. Beauty. There was the awesome quietness in the air, that only comes when it snows. Lovely. And of course, I had to call Abbie out to have her come and spy with me. hehehehehe. At 11 at night. Perhaps that is why she is so crabby today?

Thank you Lord for blessing our Earth with something so peaceful and full of beauty. When we so do not deserve either!!!!

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Monday Matchups on Tuesday...

So the tradition begins. Just call it what it is. Awesome. Monday on Tuesday. Everyone wants to put it off one day anyway, right?

Here are some deals that I will run this week:


Del Monte canned veggies, GDA 0.25 ea
SALE: 6/3
MQ: 1.00/4 Valassis 11/16

Argo corn starch/baking poder, GDA 0.39
SALE: 1.29
MQ: 0.45 10-05-08 SS

Progresso Broth – 32 oz. GDA 0.66 ea.
SALE: 3/$5 = 1.66 ea
MQ: 1/1—11/16-08—SS

Ragu Pasta Sauce – GDA 0.83 ea.
SALE: 3/$4 = 1.33 ea
MQ: .50/2—11/16/08 – RP

Kroger---for the next few days, I will still be running the same deals as 2 weeks ago! lol...Gotta love a sale that just keeps going. :)


L'oreal Age Perfect Pro Calcium Free
SALE: 15.99
ECB: 15.99

Zantrex --free
SALE: 4.99
ECB: 4.99

5 ECB WYB $10 Glade - PlugIns Refill Twin pack($3.99), Glass scents candle (2/$5), and Scented Oil Refill ($2.99)
Glade Jar Candle or 2 in 1 Candle 1.50/2 11/2/08
Glade Glass Scents Decorative Air Freshener, any B1G1F up to $3.49 10/12/08
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Holden FREE up to $8.99 wyb PlugIns Scented Oil Refill 11/2/08
Glade Scented Oil Candles Refill Pack, any B2G1F up to $3.49 11/2/08

15 ECB WYB $20 Duracell - AA, AAA 8 pk, C, D 4 pk, 9V 2 pk (5.99) Limit 3
MFQ- .75/1 11/16 insert
AND There is a tear pad on the battery stand for a CVS coupon of $5/2 Duracell. This makes free batteries!!!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

An Abbie Funny...

Oh my...what a girl I have.

Abbie and Isaac have all sorts of ideas about a new baby coming to our house. They desperately want a sibling, that honestly, may never happen. Occasionally, Abbie comes to me and asks if we will have a baby by "this" time next year.

So, today, she came up with her latest! Too Funny. Abs was clipping coupons (yes, I have taught her well). She comes running in, telling me that she found something to buy that would help me be pregnant!!! My mind was reeling thinking about what coupon she might have just found. Is your mind thinking crazy things now???

Much to my surprise, she brought in a coupon for Dove body bars. LOL! When I further investigated her little discovery, she showed me a picture under the coupon that showed a lady with a little bit of a belly. She put 2 and 2 together...and viola, you have a coupon for an item that will help you get pregnant! Oh, and since the bars were blue and pink, she thought that meant that you could buy the pink ones to have a girl. Seriously, were do they come up with these things?

On the way home tonight, Brian tried to explain how babies were made. Something about seeds, and that mommy and daddy's both have seeds in us...and Daddy has to give Mommy a seed. Then God touches it and it grows into a baby. Abbie told Brian that he needed to share his seed so that we could have a baby...and Isaac asked how many seeds it took. Then self declared that it took "bout 5 or 6 I think mom." I am picturing the delight that they will have when they swallow an apple seed or tangerine seed. I can already see them happily coming to tell me that they have seeds in them and they will have babies.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie...

I have this sweet little niece. She is the joy of all. Brightens the room when she walks in. She loves just about everyone (much unlike her older siblings at this age), and she happily smiles answering "mmm hmm" to anything you ask her. Including, "Would you like some Soy Sauce?" "mmmm hmmm", is her dainty response. Yesterday, Katie turned 2.

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Monday Matchups---

So, I am late. As usual. lol. Maybe I should start calling it Tuesdays Totally Terrific Transactions??? Nope---too long. lol. So, here are a few. I am sure that there are plenty out there, but I am working on some other things, so couponing has gotten slower for me this week.

Oh---and I thought I would give you a little guide here.

GDA=Good Deal Alert
MQ=Manufacturers Coupon
IP= Internet Printable.
And if there is a date behind a coupon, that is to tell you when the coupon came out.


Progresso Soup GDA---VERY CHEAP!

SALE: $1.33ea (6/$8)
MQ: Printable here for $1.10/1: Print Your Coupon

Chex Mix FREE
Sale: 5/$5
MQ: $.50/1 11-09-08
MQ: Printable here for .60/1 Chex Mix

Lysol GDA
SALE: 1/2 off (1.24-1.62)
MQ: 50/1 11/2/08

Basically the same deals as last week, the sale is a continued, with some more goodies added. Just not really coupon goodies. This sale starts on Thursday. If you would like to see a preveiw of it, click here: Payless/Kroger preview if for some reason it asks you for a zipcode, type in 49091.


Can I say CHOCOLATE?????

So, the deal that I am most excited about is the Hershey's Buy$20 in chocolate, get $10 back. I don't need it, but it is exciting to this chocolate lover none the less.

Also...on a much less exciting note...

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Cond. or styler Free
SALE: 2.99
MQ: 1.00/1 --I don't remember the date on it
ECB: 2.00 limit 1

Palmolive 11 oz Free
SALE: 1.49
MQ: 1.00/2 10/26/08
ECB: 1.00 Limit 5

Listerine Cool Agent Blue Tinting Rinse 500 ml .49 ---I personally think this is fun for all ages :P
SALE: 3.99
MQ: .50/1 but don't know what week it was
ECB: 3.00

Glaceau Smart Water 1 Liter--Free---Make sure you buy the 1 liter!!!
SALE: 1.59
ECB: 1.59 Limit 1


Betty Crocker Frosting , GDA .45
SALE: $0.99
MQ: $0.55/1 Coupon link here: Coupons from Betty Crocker

Libby's Pumpkin, GDA 2/.98
SALE: $0.99
MQ: $1/2 IP Print Your Coupon

Clabber Girl Corn Starch and Baking Powder,FREE
SALE: 2/1.00
MQ: 1.00/2 11/9
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

And with this....

My Blog will have had 10,000 visitors. lol. Ok, So I am a statistics nut.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is that I hear????

Do I hear the sound of the Good Deal Alert Buzzer going off????? YES! I DO!

Borrowing from Hotcouponworld, I am going to use their format and or matchups for some of the Meijer. Save some time. lol.

Kraft Singles 12 oz, GDA $1.00
SALE: 2/$4.00 ($2.00)
MQ: Kraft singles 12 oz. or larger $0.50/1 11-02 SS 12-06 X2

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, GDA 2/$.98
SALE: $.99 X2
MQ: Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits or Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits any 2 $0.50/2 Rolling Printable
Mealbox Q:
Catalina: 2.00 off your next order when you buy 4! THIS is either a money maker or free biscuits! Yippppeee!

Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8 Ct, GDA $.83
SALE: 3/$4.00 - ($1.34)
MQ: Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8 Ct + $1.00/2 10-12-08 RP

Purex Liquid Fabric Softener 128 oz, GDA $1.49
SALE: $2.49
MQ: Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, Any - $1.00/1 09-28-08

Betty Crocker Mashed or Specialty Potatoes 4.5-7.2 oz, GDA $.20
SALE: $1.00
MQ: Betty Crocker Box Potatoes, Any $0.40/1 Printable Rolling X2


Betty Crocker Mashed or Specialty Potatoes 4.5-7.2 oz, GDA $.30
SALE: $1.00
MQ: Betty Crocker Potatoes Pouch Or Box, Any Excluding Potato Buds $0.35/1 10-05-08

Trident single pack, GDA $.24
SALE: $.79
MQ: Trident, Trident White, Trident Splash, Trident Xtra Care, Or Trident Fusion Gum, Any Single Pack Or Any Bottle Of Trident White Gum $0.55/1 09-21-08

Betty Crocker Helpers, GDA 3/$2.00
SALE: 5/$5.00 - ($1.00) X3
MQ: Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Mix, Any - $1.00/3 10-05-08

Campbell’s Gravy, GDA 3/$.80
SALE: 5/$3.00 - ($.60) X3
MQ: Campbell's Gravy, Any Beef, Chicken Or Turkey - $1.00/3 10-12-08

Kroger (sale starts 11/6/2008)

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, GDA .50 or 1.00
SALE: 1.50 wyb any 10 of the products listed
Pillbury Toaster Strudel Pastries, Any 1.00/1 or Pillsbury Toaster Streudel 1.00/1 or
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel -1.00/2 09-07-08 insert

Scotch Brite Mini Lint Roller, Free or Overage!!!!
SALE: .50 wyb any 10 of the products listed
Scotch Lint Product, Any $1.00/1 10/5/2008 insert

Carnation Evaporated Milk, Free!!!
SALE: .50 wyb any 10 of the products listed
Carnation Evaporated Milk, 11-02-08 $0.50/2

Betty Crocker Mashed or Specialty Potatoes 4.5-7.2 oz, GDA $.20
SALE: $1.00 wyb 10 items
MQ: Betty Crocker Box Potatoes, Any $0.40/1 Printable Rolling X2


Betty Crocker Mashed or Specialty Potatoes 4.5-7.2 oz, GDA $.30
SALE: $1.00 wyb 10 itmes listed
MQ: Betty Crocker Potatoes Pouch Or Box, Any Excluding Potato Buds $0.35/1 10-05-08

Dial Liquid Hand Soap, GDA $.40
SALE: $1.00 wyb 10 items listed
Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Any - 10-05-08 $0.30/1

Stayfree Maxipads, GDA 2/$2.00
SALE: $2.00 wyb 10 participating items
Stayfree Product - 09-28-08 RP $2.00/2

Superpretzel, GDA 2/$2.00
SALE: $1.50 wyb 10 participating items
Superpretzel Product, 09-28-08 $1.00/2

Activia Yogurt, GDA .50
SALE: $1.50 wyb 10 participating items
Dannon Activia Or Activia Light, 09-21-08 $1.00/1

If I find any to die for deals on CVS or Walgreens this week, I will be sure to let you know! Or, you could always let me know too! :) Oh, and I have the Carnation coupons if you need them! Let me know. Happy Savings...
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Trick Or Treat

Here is the Dorothy Costume that I made in about 45 minutes. Topped off with red spray painted shoes. hehehehe
They dressed up for this years Harvest Party at church. Abbie was Queen Esther and Isaac was David, with a sling shot. lol
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