Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Cemetery...

For years, I have been telling Brian that he needed to go to Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. He loves old structures...and we love History! I think there was something about going to a "cemetery" that made him raise his eyebrows.

Anyhow, we had a few hours to kill on Tuesday...and we were on the right side of town (technically the left...but...). So, I finally convinced him. Abbie had her Indiana history book with her, so she was tickled when she realized that many of the graves we were visiting...she could find in her book! We saw: James Whitcomb Riley, the entire Eli Lilly Family, President Harrison, Many Soldiers, and John name a few.

Best of all, it was a perfect 67 degrees...sunny...and a light breeze. As we drove around (and got lost a few times) bright leaves floated into our van windows. We crunched the leaves as we walked...quite PERFECT!

Here are a few of our fave pictures:

The Gothic Chapel: AKA...where I might have Brian's funeral. lol

Abs and Isaac in the gardens....notice that she is carrying her History book with her.

Another of the Gothic Chapel...we kinda sorta liked it.

The inside of the Women's bathroom. Tell me how awesome THAT is!!!

Eli Lilly family site, this was one of our fave places within the cemetery.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Grace 22 weeks.

Little Gracie is 22 weeks (going on 23 now!)

She is as long as a piece of paper and weighs almost 1 lb. She gets the hiccups every day. A couple times a day. She loves to stand on my bladder with her head normally pushing against my diaphragm. Her favorite kicking time of the day is around 10pm. My little night owl.

Things are starting to look up a bit with the Remicade treatments, except for the fact that I seem to catch every little cold. Those are easier to deal with. Since she is a little on the little side...we will get to see her on ultrasound (3d and 4d!!!!!) in 2 weeks. Looking forward to that!

Cravings: ICE COLD MILK (can't have) and PECAN PIE (again, can't have! lol)
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Musings....

A great start to a GREAT season!!!! Busy little week we have had. I will update more, tomorrow, but tonight, here are a few pictures. :)

Isaac's biggest accomplishment this month has been hitting his 75th word that he can read. Nothing toooooo impressive, but in his 5 year old mind, he has conquered the world. He can rattle off many of the short vowel words, which enables him to read some of the "Beginner Readers" books. Recently, he discovered the "Biscuit" books. I caught him reading to Lucy (our outdoor cat), and Lucy seemed to love it.

(Please ignore the AWESOME window there... Let's just say that Max likes it a bit. ;) )

Last weekend, we celebrated Brian's Granny's 75th Birthday. And, when in Richmond...YOU HAVE TO GET TIM HORTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I craved Raspberry Timbits for a whole week. Then, I get there and found that they only carry them BEFORE Noon. Utter disappointment.

But, we did get some awesome Apple Fritter TimBits and some yummy Mocha. And Isaac got a hot chocolate, which was promptly dumped on the floor. ;) lol

I have had a few rough weeks with being sick, and we have been well taken care of by our friends at church. We are always getting some kind of goodies. For some reason, food tastes SO much better when someone else cooks it! Abbie insisted I show this puppy dog and dinner that Miss Emmadell made for us.

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