Friday, July 30, 2010

My little Key Lime

One of my favorite desserts of all time is a REALLY good Key Lime Pie. When Brian and I were on our honeymoon, I had a Key Lime Pie at a little Bistro on Sanibel Island. The fact that I remember this little piece of pie...shows how good it really was. Limes are just plain great. They are cute, smell good, and have a great color. So, when I learned that little baby bean is the size of a LIME this week, I had to smile.

The baby is now fully formed (for the most part) and has all of it's organs essential for life. A GREAT milestone for our pregnancy. And, this week, marks the END of the yucky meds!!!! YAY! I am a free woman, for the most part. Still on moderate bedrest if cramping sets in, but otherwise...FREE! And this lime loving lady loves that.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

And she won some...

Life lesson learned for Abigail Shaw. Effort is credited. When you do your best, and work hard, you will succeed. These are pictures of some of Abbie's 4-H projects. She wanted me to note that some of them are missing their ribbons. This is of major importance, b/c her ribbons were very special!

This is her horse poster. I think it was her favorite, and of course...horses are her favorite! She won 1st place, Champion, and honorable mention on it.

Kind of hard to see, but it is way at the top. (And then her bigger picture below) The beekeeping poster was one of her better projects. She got Reserve Grand Champion, Champion, 1st place, and Special Merit. Oh, and it will be going to the State Fair. :)

She was required to do a dog poster b/c of being in the dog show. After the show, she really did not want to participate in the poster. But, we looked over all of the pictures of Max, and she decided that she did still love him. Her work paid off and she won Reserve Grand Champion, Champion, 1st Place, and it will be going to the State Fair too!

I think that she worked the hardest on her sewing project. She was required to take a sewing test and learn all about the machine. I was pretty impressed with how well she did. Mamaw and Aunt Kay did a great job with her! She got 1st place and Special Merit and also was chosen for the display case. :)

Here are the 2 ribbons that were missing on her posters. They are her Reserved Grand Champions. Reserve Grand Champion means that you won 2nd place out of all of the age groups and projects in that Category. She beat out several teenagers, so she was quite proud!!!
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Carrots are a dear friend right now. As are tomatoes and cucumbers. My favorite foods hands down. So, it is quite fitting that little baby is now the size of a mini-carrot! LOVE IT! If you look it up, a 10 week old baby is actually said to be the size of a prune (what a horrible thing to say about a baby!) OR, you could call the prune by it's English nickname, "Sugar Plum"! Which, sounds much sweeter to me. ;)

None the less... I will call it carrots, as I love them best. And, Abbie and I have finished our Anne of Greene Gables marathon, so carrots fits quite nicely for this time in our life.

I still have all day sickness, which is such a strange thing for me in pregnancy. I keep reminding myself to take joy in the sickies, b/c it means that all is well. But, somehow, my stomach has a way of convincing my mind that it is not a joyous thing. lol

This week, we also lost our Dr! It was quite a crazy sad thing for me, which left me leaving the office sobbing and tears. How hormonal can a woman get? Flip side (There is always one if you look for it, right?) We found a new doctor who looks quite a bit like Clark Kent says Isaac. The office and facilities are superb and I am excited about the entire experience now!

So, here is to week 10! Maybe sickies will go away this week???
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, at least it is snowing SOMEWHERE in the world! We currently have a $452 electric bill (yes you read that right), so we have our air turned to 77 degrees to help cut cost (previously set at 73). Our van doesn't have air. And I am quite pregnant.
You can imagine that I am dreaming of cooler weather. Like seriously longing for it. And then, I came across this picture of INDY in snow. AT CHRISTMAS. What is better than MY INDY in SNOW at CHRISTMAS. Nothing. lol

Praying that the Lord will bless us with a cooler day. Or maybe an air conditioned vehicle??? hehehehe.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today, I awoke to no morning sickness...and feeling rather good. I sighed a big sigh, and then panic washed over me. Wait, no morning sickness...I wonder if something happened. I worried a little off and on for about 2 hours. Then, I ate some Reeses Puff cereal. Worry was over. LOL!

All that worrying did alert me to the fact that we have done a crummy job of celebrating this sweeties life. I am getting ready to turn 9 weeks, and I have done very little for she/he. So, we celebrated a little and went to Walmart to buy it an outfit. Isaac picked out an entire (I mean 12 piece set) of boys clothes, but I found a cute little sundress on the clearance rack. Sorry sweet one if you are a boy. I will have to save the outfit for someone else if that is the case.

I also decided that I needed to start keeping better track of the pregnancy. I mark all of Abbie and Isaac's achievements, I should be better at marking their little siblings too! one is the size of a large Olive! Don't like olives, never have. But, I will say that they do have the salty effect that I crave EVERYDAY! Maybe I should try them now, who knows! The baby has darling little hands and feet with fingers and toes.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

On July 3rd, we went to a cookout at Nana's campground...of course all of the cousins were there, so my kids had a BLAST! We ate and ate, rode on a hayride, jumped on a bouncy thing, played some games, and watched fireworks. They were happy munchkins. :)

On the 5th of July, our church took part in a parade. Abbie was Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln is one of my chosen boy names by the way...) and Isaac was George Washington. I think he was perhaps one of the coolest George's EVER. Abbie spent plenty of time reading the Gettysburg Address, and she thought it was quite amazing. OUR FLOAT WON FIRST PRIZE out of 200!!! How about that. win some, others you tank on. LOL
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Isaac's 4- H

Hard to believe that Isaac is at an age where he can do things more on his own. I recently caught him sitting up against a tree in our back yard...talking to himself. I wondered what he was saying, but thought I should just let him alone with his thoughts.

Isaac entered into mini 4-H this year. He chose to make a Star Wars model for his project. He does amazingly well at putting these together. He was quite proud of his ribbon, but embarrassed that I wanted to take a picture. Told him he had to get over it. lol
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You win some...and others you tank on.

Abbie was in her first 4-H show this past weekend. It was the Dog Show. Let's just say that Max, an 8 month old Chocholate Lab, had WAY too much puppy in him that day. The competition was split into 2 different sections. The first section, Max did GREAT! The second one, he barked and had his points for that round almost eliminated. He came in last place. Abbie was so upset and cried all the way home. We had to help her see that sometimes you don't win first. Sometimes you do. But you have to keep trying. I think next year, we are showing pigs. Seriously. :P
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Quietly, they played upstairs for 30 min. Actually, that is becoming a regular thing in this house lately. Nice...very nice.

Then, the little munchkins appear with their self proclaimed masterpieces: Oreo-gami. lol

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