Thursday, July 22, 2010


Carrots are a dear friend right now. As are tomatoes and cucumbers. My favorite foods hands down. So, it is quite fitting that little baby is now the size of a mini-carrot! LOVE IT! If you look it up, a 10 week old baby is actually said to be the size of a prune (what a horrible thing to say about a baby!) OR, you could call the prune by it's English nickname, "Sugar Plum"! Which, sounds much sweeter to me. ;)

None the less... I will call it carrots, as I love them best. And, Abbie and I have finished our Anne of Greene Gables marathon, so carrots fits quite nicely for this time in our life.

I still have all day sickness, which is such a strange thing for me in pregnancy. I keep reminding myself to take joy in the sickies, b/c it means that all is well. But, somehow, my stomach has a way of convincing my mind that it is not a joyous thing. lol

This week, we also lost our Dr! It was quite a crazy sad thing for me, which left me leaving the office sobbing and tears. How hormonal can a woman get? Flip side (There is always one if you look for it, right?) We found a new doctor who looks quite a bit like Clark Kent says Isaac. The office and facilities are superb and I am excited about the entire experience now!

So, here is to week 10! Maybe sickies will go away this week???



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