Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Thousand Songs

Lord, You’re calling me to come
And behold the wondrous cross
To explore the depths of grace
That came to me at such a cost
Where Your boundless love
Conquered my boundless sin
And mercy’s arms were opened wide

My heart is filled with a thousand songs
Proclaiming the glories of Calvary
With every breath, Lord how I long
To sing of Jesus who died for me
Lord, take me deeper
Into the glories of Calvary

Sinners find eternal joy
In the triumph of Your wounds
By our Savior’s crimson flow
Holy wrath has been removed
And Your saints below
Join with your saints above
Rejoicing in the Risen Lamb

Do you ever find your love and relationship with God makes you feel like a thousand songs are BURSTING out of your heart? Love that feeling.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unconditional Love

Isn't it cool how dogs love you unconditionally. Do you think this is why they are man's best friend?

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On Friday night we met up with Mom and Dad Shaw
And saw "Where the Wild Things Are."
Of course there was Max and a whole slew of Beast,
Somewhat disappointing to say the least
But, we got these cool crowns, wore very few frowns
And made a good memory together.

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Can You Say Iconic?

Pure Yumminess and Quite Iconic. Individual Apple Pies.
Made in Apple Dishes.
On an American Flag Plate.
Does life get any better than this?

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Michigan Trip...

We had an awesome time in Michigan last weekend. It is a beautiful area and we really loved the people too. Still praying about what God might have there.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a few picts.

They had a South Bend Chocolate Cafe. YUM... Notice that there is an apartment for rent above it! Wouldn't that be the best place ever to live? Seriously.

After the car ride, we thought we would allow the kids to burn some energy. It was stinking cold, but they still liked the fact that they were on "The Beach".

On our way home from Michigan, we swung by Chicago. It was Abbie's first trip to
The American Girl Place.
It was love.

Out of all the cool things in the store, Abbie wanted to read.
This is what her BIG purchase was, a Book!
She could not wait to get into the Library part of the Store!
This was one of the outfits that she modeled in the Fashion Show.
The day we went, was "Meet Rebekah Day". They had crafts and other goodies.
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Abbie Won!

So, this is 1.5 weeks late. Sorry!

BUT, Abbie won her fundraising contest for The American Girl Fashion Show!

She was thrilled...here are some pictures:

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