Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lightning Bugs and Summer Nights...

Do you remember when life was filled with sweet summer nights. Playing barefoot in the grass. Running wildly, while you tried to catch that impossible firefly -aka lightning bug- that kept flying too high for you to catch?

Tonight...we saw the essence of summer. The first lightning bugs. Every year, when these amazing little creatures make their way to our playland, I remember back. Back to the days when bills were not a worry. Back to the days when I did not have to clean an entire house. Back to the days when my little legs could carry me as fast as my little heart wanted them to.

I remember one night in particular. We had the Fentons over for some reason, and my mom told us girls that she would give us money for each firefly we caught. We were getting ready to go on vacation to Washington DC in a few weeks, so we really wanted to catch those little stinkers. We ran in and got jars, and went to our "work". The feelings of the grass in my feet, the smell of the sweet summer night, and the sound of laughter as we yelled out when we "got one". Memories I will always treasure. (Should I mention that I later lost every penny I had earned within the first 2 hours of our a rest stop?)

I often wonder if my kids will remember these tender moments of their childhood. Simple pleasures. I want to make sure that they are etched within their very beings. That they know that small gifts, are most often the greatest. Thank you Lord for making lightning bugs. :)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Chance Matilda...

(Ok...the Matilda was for Sunny-O if she is reading this...Abbie is now saying that too.)

You have less than 5 days to register for the upcoming coupon classes at Faith Community Center! Classes start on June 1st 6:30-8:00 pm, and will last for 4 weeks.

I am AMAZED that there are over 225 people registered for this! What an awesome outreach.

If you would like to register, shoot out an email to:

If you would like to host a coupon class in your area, I would love to come and visit!!!

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Kraft Coupons Round 2

Did you miss out on the first round of the Kraft coupons? Or, do you just want to print out one more set---LEGALLY???? Here is a new link to get those great Kraft coupons that everyone is buzzing about. lol Ok, so that totally sounded like I work for Kraft, huh?

Here is the linky doo...

Smart Source Kraft Coupons
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I want to be like Kelly when I grow up...

My sweet friend Kelly recently wrote a blog about how she jokingly/lovingly wants to be like me, because of coupons. Honestly, it made my whole week. I think I have discovered that words of affirmation are my love language. lol

Anyhow...tonight, Kelly is making a sacrifice that I am not sure I could make. Her hubby is overseas, protecting our country. The duty that Kelly, and all of the other women/men around our USA, well...mind blowing to me. I am quite honored to have a friend who can raise three kids, tile bathrooms, keep her wits about her (most of the time), and even make it to the gym...all while her hubby is serving us.

Thank you Kelly, and all of the military families out there. Thank you Dan. And all of the military men/women. Your act of service is not un-noticed. You are remembered in this home. :)
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tonight, I will Hold them Tighter...

Love them Deeper. Pray for them Fervently. And ...TEACH THEM OF CHRIST!

Today, I am heavy hearted. Our church family has experienced a deep tragedy, one that no one should ever have to face. On Friday night, 3 out of the 4 members of the Wagoner family, lost their lives in a house fire. The Wagoners were special to our family. Brian and Leah were one of the first families that offered their warmth to us at Faith. Brian and Leah were also one of Isaac's Sunday School teachers. Their son, Harrison, was in Abbie's class. Their daughter, Sophia, was one of Isaac's sweeties. It is nearly impossible to think of them, all three of them, gone. It is heart sickening to think of the pain that is in Brian's heart right now. How he must ache with grief.

Even though these things hurt, lessons are to be learned.

To Husbands: Realize that the words you speak to your wife, might be the last ones... let them be ones of gentleness and love, you won't regret them.

To Wives: Realize that the glancing look you throw at your husband, might be the last memory he has of you alive. Let it be one filled with tenderness and devotion.

To Parents: Realize that your children are not yours. They are but a loan, and their moments might be fleeting. Don't waste your time, or theirs, by not setting up GODS priorities in your family. Seriously, do you want your children to enter Heaven with empty hands? Or worse...not enter Heaven at all? If your children died today, would you regret THEIR relationship with God?

To Children: Realize that just because you are young, does not always mean that you will have forever. Live everyday with an excitement to serve God and live in obedience.

To Christains and Non Christians alike: Three simple words: Are you ready? If not, why not get ready??? I mean seriously, it just takes one split moment to repent and seek God's help to turn your life around. One teeny second. Do it. Don't wait. Me too.

I am typing these out, so that I can remember. Setting my up my stone of remembrance. Required. We must learn the lessons in these trials.

Please keep Brian in your prayers. I can not even imagine. Our minds are limited to to our own little world. He needs something that none of us can offer to him. He needs the Lord's loving hands to cover him. He needs the strength of Job, to stand in this path, hold his head up, and beg for God's presence. I imagine that he can not even pray this for himself, but we can. Join me?
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gotta See!!!!!!

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So, Because Arby's is filled with smart people...They are putting on a Summer of Savings! Every Wednesday, there will be a new deal to be had. Here is the schedule. (Thanks to HCW!)

May 13th - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
May 20th - Free Chocolate Malt Swirl shake with any sandwich purchase
May 27th - Free Regular Roast Beef sandwich with any soft drink purchase
June 3rd - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
June 10th - Free Roast Chicken club with any soft drink purchase
June 17th - Free Regular Sidekicker with any sandwich purchase
June 24th -Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
July 1st - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
July 8th - Free Orange Cream Swirl shake with any sandwich purchase
July 15th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
July 22nd - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
July 29th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
August 5th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
August 12th - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
August 19th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
August 26th - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Monday Matchups....

Since I have a new class of couponers coming in, I thought I would do a Monday Matchup for you!

If you have any questions concerning the wording or anything else, please leave a comment here, and I will answer it! Happy Couponing!

Check out THIS WEBSITE for some GREAT Kraft coupons that will go with these sales as well!


Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip--- FREE
Sale: 2/4
MeijerMealbox: 1.00/1
MQ: 1.00/1 4/26/09 SS

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs---- .25 each wyb 2
Sale: 1.25
MeijerMealbox: 1.00/2
MQ: 1.00/2 5/10/2009

Ritz Crackers---- .50 WOW!
Sale: 2/5
MeijerMealbox: 1.00/1
MQ: 1.00/1 (Tearpads found under Ritz in Meijer!!!!)

Aunt Millies Bread---- .45
Sale: 1.19
MQ: .35/1 4/26/09 RP

Duncan Hines Premium Brownies--- .96
Sale: 1.66
MQ: .35/1 2/1/09 SS

Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough--- .45/1 wyb 2
Sale: 2/4.00
MeijerMealbox: 1.10/2
MQ: 1.00/1 3/29/09 RP or Use THIS PRINTABLE for 1.00 off

Banana Boat Sunscreen/Hawaiian Tropics---- as low as 1.97
Sale: 2.00 off any
MQ: 1.00/1 5/3/2009 SS

Max Factor Make up----Free
Sale: 2.00 off any
MQ: 2.00/1 5/10/2009

Softsoap---- .29
Sale: .99
MQ: .35/1 4/26/09 insert

Digorno Pizza or Tombstone Pizza--- 1.33
Sale: 3.33
MeijerMealbox: 1.00/1
MQ: 1.00/1 Get this coupon from the above Kraft coupon link!

Brian needs the computer, but I will come back and do more!!! :)
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Check out the FREE KFC Grilled Chicken here... And hurry!!! Offer ends tonight!

Oprah's FREE KFC
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