Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lightning Bugs and Summer Nights...

Do you remember when life was filled with sweet summer nights. Playing barefoot in the grass. Running wildly, while you tried to catch that impossible firefly -aka lightning bug- that kept flying too high for you to catch?

Tonight...we saw the essence of summer. The first lightning bugs. Every year, when these amazing little creatures make their way to our playland, I remember back. Back to the days when bills were not a worry. Back to the days when I did not have to clean an entire house. Back to the days when my little legs could carry me as fast as my little heart wanted them to.

I remember one night in particular. We had the Fentons over for some reason, and my mom told us girls that she would give us money for each firefly we caught. We were getting ready to go on vacation to Washington DC in a few weeks, so we really wanted to catch those little stinkers. We ran in and got jars, and went to our "work". The feelings of the grass in my feet, the smell of the sweet summer night, and the sound of laughter as we yelled out when we "got one". Memories I will always treasure. (Should I mention that I later lost every penny I had earned within the first 2 hours of our a rest stop?)

I often wonder if my kids will remember these tender moments of their childhood. Simple pleasures. I want to make sure that they are etched within their very beings. That they know that small gifts, are most often the greatest. Thank you Lord for making lightning bugs. :)


Sue on May 29, 2009 at 8:26 AM said...

Sounds like a wonderful childhood, Annie! I don't see many fireflies in the big city but I do remember seeing them in the bushes along the highway in the countryside up north of here.

I'm sure you are making special memories for your kids to treasure too!

Kelly on May 29, 2009 at 8:37 AM said...

Wonderful memories. Mine are at a lake camping in Texas. I didn't get paid for my fire flies, though. Lucky dog you! Sorry you lost all your money.

I agree with you when I think about some of my favorite memories, it makes me work extra hard to create those chances for memories for my children. Oh to be young again and not have a worry in the world


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