Friday, September 24, 2010

MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! deals are just great. Gotta love getting something for FREE! Right?

Well, Swagbucks is about the easiest way to get just about anything you want for FREEEEEEE!

I signed up and installed the swagbucks search bar onto my computer. Completely safe, and 1/2 the time I don't even use it. I still have Google's bar up too. ;) None the less, when you search the internet, you will receive Swagbucks. Save up these Swagbucks for gift certificates all over! I use my Swagbucks to purchase giftcards. I earn about 2 $5.00 gift cards a month. Not bad for just doing what I normally do.

If you don't have a Swagbucks is a GREAT day to open one. WHY??? B/C today is Mega Swagbucks day! You will find swagbucks all over the internet today... FUN, right? If you would like to sign up for an account, all you have to do is click on the little Swagbucks box on the right side of my blog

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Over There!

Added bonus!!!! I do alot of shopping on Amazon. If you pay attention, you can find some really good deals. I like to shop in the OUTLET section, and get lots of the kids Christmas gifts for nearly free. Also, most of our videos, books, and video games. Shipping can be a pain though. BUT, get this:

You can get FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING with this deal: This deal is for all who have sweet little ones in their lives. No need to be a mom, you can be a grandma, auntie, uncle, etc...

Here is one of the deals I just got for Isaac's Christmas:

It is a Nerf Dart Gun, in case you could not tell.

RETAIL Price: 20.99

Amazon Outlet Price: 5.69

2 Day Shipping: 11.87
I used a $5.00 Swagbucks Amazon gift card

Total: 12.56

THEN... I signed up for the PRIME Amazon Mom's Membership and got FREE Shipping!

NEW Total: .69 !!!!!!

That is a 98% Savings. Seriously CHEAP Christmas...

So Go sign up today-------->
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Little baby showed up to play on Wednesday. At our mid term ultrasound, we learned that little baby is a girl! It felt really good to know that my intuition was right on. :)

Here are some pictures of baby girl (Who will probably be named Grace Kelly)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocolates and Candles...

These are the two things that I knew I would miss the most about Attica, IN. Of course, you can candles at every drugstore on the block...and Walmart does sell Cello's chocolate covered cherries every day of the year. BUT, they are not Wolf's and Brown's.

Today, I would love if my house was once again filled with the sweet and spicy smell of Cranberry Spice and Orange Clove. This is the smell that smells like home to me. It smells like walking into a warm house on a cold day, and your favorite person is there with a big cup of soup ready for a chat. Sigh.

And, while I am sure that it is banned from my list of things I am able to currently eat, I would give 1/2 of my stockpile for a box of chocolate covered cherries from Wolf's. They are just the best thing that I can think of to stick in my mouth. And, I am sure that they would help me gain my needed weight, right??? Wonder if I can get a prescription for them. HA!

So, when Brian told me today that there was a VERY good possibility of us going to Lafayette for 3 days in October, I decided that I would be driving down to Attica for some much needed smell and taste therapy! lol Only 3 more weeks!!!
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Friday, September 10, 2010


Brian catches some interesting things in our pond. Unfortunately, they are not all fish. lol

Today, frog was on the "line". Check out this monster! I can totally see how one could eat those legs. They are rather large. After his rather eventful journey, he did return back to the pond to eat up all of those lovely buggies and keep our ecosystem well in order. ;)

I love Isaac's face. I think he was trying to make frog eyes at me.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Look Like An Angel

I saw this commercial on tv today. It is 100% Isaac. "You look like an angel. You walk like an angel. Talk like an angel. But I got wise... You're the devil in disguise."

Seriously, I could see him doing this to his cars. Too bad that the interior of the Nissan Altima doesn't shield against crazy kids. No, that is the parents job I suppose.

I need a break from my children. lol
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Update!

Brian with his brothers Justin and Jake

It's September!!! Can you believe it? The air is turning drier and cooler (PRAISE BE TO THE LORD) and the farmers are harvesting their corn. Yes, you read that right. We had such a dry and hot summer, that some corn is already down. WOWSERS. This is our first harvest on the farm, I think we are in for a treat of loud elevators for the next 3 months. I will take it though.
About us: Our ministry is really doing well. Starting to get the nuts and bolts of what makes our kids tick. Also getting to know some of the other families as well. We love the teens just a little too much at times. They become my prayer life obsession and I have to remind myself to pray about other things too. Several of them have been adopted into our family, and Abbie and Isaac always ask if they can come stay at our house. Reminding me that we do have a bed for them! This is a picture of "our" Jordan, enjoying a poke at my belly.

Abbie finished up the 4-H season well. She had 2 projects go to State Fair, so of course we had to check them out! She won a 1st place for both of them. Quite happy. She has being doing great with her new school work. 4th grade is easier than 3rd she says. Of course, she is just now starting the actual non-review of 3rd grade. lol She just had her check up and is in the 55th percentile for weight and the 35th for height. This has stayed the same for the last 8 years. lol.

Isaac: Lands Alive. Remember how stubborn Abbie was at a younger age? Isaac is just as absent minded as she was stubborn. That boy is always doing something to get into trouble, and yet, he really didn't mean to! lol I tell you, we have such issues sometimes. A lot of energy for his little 5 year old body. He started Kindergarten this year, which does seem to help. Also, Brian has been trying to keep him occupied doing physical activities. Isaac's current loves are: Star Wars, Captain America, and Adidas. Neat combination huh? He also went for his checkup last week. Got his K-5 shots, and didn't cry. In fact, he didnt even flinch for 2 of them! He did, however, use his "rifle" as his cane the rest of the day. lol. Isaac was in the 70th percentile for height and the 30th for weight. Flip Flop kids! Another love: climbing trees. See if you can see his black eye:

Little Baby ___________: Poor child, I have no idea what to call it!!! We will know what she/he is in 2 weeks, until will be ____________. Together little baby and I will enter our 5th month this week. I can feel it moving at least once a day now, and I am looking quite large. Last week, we heard 2 heartbeats. It took the Dr awhile to decide if one of them was mine. He decided it was. lol. Glad that Brian was not in the room, he might have passed out. Also, my Crohn's has come out of remission as well. No wonder I felt so yucky before!!! It is making for one sick momma, and continued weight loss. Currently under my pre-pg weight. But, I am very grateful that the dr's are taking good care of us both. Little Baby is now around 5 inches long from its crown of the head to rump (bottom). About the size of a large baked potato...which coincidentally, sounds amazing at the moment!

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