Friday, September 24, 2010

MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! deals are just great. Gotta love getting something for FREE! Right?

Well, Swagbucks is about the easiest way to get just about anything you want for FREEEEEEE!

I signed up and installed the swagbucks search bar onto my computer. Completely safe, and 1/2 the time I don't even use it. I still have Google's bar up too. ;) None the less, when you search the internet, you will receive Swagbucks. Save up these Swagbucks for gift certificates all over! I use my Swagbucks to purchase giftcards. I earn about 2 $5.00 gift cards a month. Not bad for just doing what I normally do.

If you don't have a Swagbucks is a GREAT day to open one. WHY??? B/C today is Mega Swagbucks day! You will find swagbucks all over the internet today... FUN, right? If you would like to sign up for an account, all you have to do is click on the little Swagbucks box on the right side of my blog

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Over There!

Added bonus!!!! I do alot of shopping on Amazon. If you pay attention, you can find some really good deals. I like to shop in the OUTLET section, and get lots of the kids Christmas gifts for nearly free. Also, most of our videos, books, and video games. Shipping can be a pain though. BUT, get this:

You can get FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING with this deal: This deal is for all who have sweet little ones in their lives. No need to be a mom, you can be a grandma, auntie, uncle, etc...

Here is one of the deals I just got for Isaac's Christmas:

It is a Nerf Dart Gun, in case you could not tell.

RETAIL Price: 20.99

Amazon Outlet Price: 5.69

2 Day Shipping: 11.87
I used a $5.00 Swagbucks Amazon gift card

Total: 12.56

THEN... I signed up for the PRIME Amazon Mom's Membership and got FREE Shipping!

NEW Total: .69 !!!!!!

That is a 98% Savings. Seriously CHEAP Christmas...

So Go sign up today-------->



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