Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Caught Up...

My goodness sakes! I have been gone from the blog for a very long time. My life seems as though it is completely different from the last time that I signed in. So, here is a quick outline of what has happened in our little home since the beginning of December:

December 13th- Brian took his finals and finished up the last of his ACTUAL classes at IBC. He now only has correspondence work! YAY! Big step...graduation in MAY!

December 23rd- Dr Boccone informed me that there could be issues with Gracie b/c I was now measuring behind schedule. I went from measuring 34 weeks pg to now 29 weeks. I was 32 weeks exact. Nothing serious, and we could wait the 2 weeks till the ultrasound, he says.

December 23-29th- CHRISTMAS! Enjoyed hanging out with all of our family. :)

December 30th- Isaac goes to the Dr with an ear infection, sinus infection, pink eye, and asthma...wowsers. Also, we took the teens to Indy for Christmas. Had an awesome time. Realized that my tummy felt a lot easier to carry for some reason.

January 5th- Go in for my ultrasound and the tech, Shirley lets us know that things are not looking so hot. We go out for lunch and come back to see Dr Boccone. Guess what? Put into the hospital! I had lost all but 4 cm of Gracie's water. (You are supposed to have 15-25cm) Kind of a dangerous thing. We stayed overnight and ran enough tests to make us all feel comfortable with allowing me to go home on bedrest. Come back in a week to see if things have gotten any better.

January 12th- Go back in for a follow up ultrasound. Gracie's water had now dropped to 3cm. Dr Boccone was gone, so Dr Gentry made the call. Hospital for good until sweet girl came. He ordered strict bedrest and for me to eat as much as I possibly could. I had also lost 2 lbs...which brought my weight gain total to 5 lbs even. We believed that we were in the hospital for at least 2-3 more weeks. I was only 34 weeks pregnant at the time.

Later on Jan 12th- Our awesome nurse Clevette comes in and lets us know that Dr Gentry decided that it was too much of a risk for us to keep Gracie in. As long as she handled labor well, we would induce and try for a vaginal delivery. If she started "acting up" we would go straight to a c-section. They induced us at 9:00pm.

Jan 13th- Labored all day. Strange labor that made me very ill and hurt in places that you would not think you would hurt. Migraine like headaches, hip pain, need to go to the bathroom every 20 min (not joking), and of course the contractions. By 3 in the afternoon, I had established labor and was really not budging much from my 3cm. After discussing with the Dr and Nurse, I decided on the epidural. No such luck with it being a good one. Really stunk. 1/2 paralyzed...felt pain on the other 1/2. Weird. Come midnight, I was ready to just sleep some.

Jan 14th- Woke at 2am with the epidural gone! Extreme contractions and covered in sweat. Called down to the nurse after about 30 min. Things were moving...and they were moving FAST! Epidural would no longer work, and I would just go natural. At 4:00 am, we started getting ready for the pushing, and at 4:36, teeny Grace Kelly Shaw was born. There was major concern for her health b/c of the lack of fluid and her being a preemie. The Ped specialist was sure that she would need oxygen and possibly even be transferred on a vent to a special care hospital. As he was checking her out, he looked over to Brian and shook his head. This girl amazed him. She was perfect. A perfect bundle of 4lbs 15oz and 18 inches long. They did take her down to the NICU after we held her, and allowed her to recover over night. A little oxygen, but she came out fine. Suprisingly, she passed her carseat test and was released to go home on just the bili blanket due to extreme jaundice. Left the hospital weighing in at 4lbs 6 oz.

Jan 16th- We went home and had to return to the hospital every day for the next week...Gracie's bili levels were not going down the right way.

Jan 19th- ISAAC's 6th BIRTHDAY! We took him to Cheeseburger in Paradise. And he got a new airsoft gun. Promptly had that gun taken away only 2 hours later for shooting it without Daddy there. lol. He now knows all the rules and has done very well. Course, it is put up way high to where he can not reach it!

Jan 21st- Gracie is readmitted to the NICU. Bacterial Pneumonia. She was still not at birth weight, not eating, and sleeping close to 23 hours of the day. Poor girl had to have 2 spinal taps, chest xrays, tons of blood sad. Broke our hearts, and mommy cried. Brian and I were able to stay at the hospital with her, while the kids went to Mamaw's and Papaw's. We went on a couple of dates and even went to church together. Kind of a nice time, with the exception of our sick little one. :(

Jan 26th- Released from the hospital once again. Going home felt so good this time! When we had been released before, I sobbed most of the way home!

Feb 1st- Ice storm hits...we had to evacuate home once again due to no power. STINK! Would we ever be able to stop toting a suitcase around? Back down to Corydon we went, for 2.5 more days.

Feb 5th- Brian turned a ripe old 32! Happy Birthday Baby!

Today- sitting toastie in my jammies... Little baby beside me in her papasan chair. Kids playing in the background. Life is very good.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Little One...

Take a peak at Gracie's Birth Announcement on Shutterfly.
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Love Package Pink Birth Announcement
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