Sunday, March 30, 2008

The running boy...

Yup, he was out there again today! Running his little pea picken heart out. Funny how I have a love for that kid, and don't even know him! BUT, I decided today that church needs to be everyday. lol. I don't even mind the drive. I have the itches to be back tonight. And tomorrow night...and the get the point.

Sunday School was on Servants. Hmmm...good stuff. Worship was about Suffering. UMMM...much needed! And we have been sitting behind a deacon. I call him Smiley Guy. This guy smiles more than anyone I have ever met. I realized that one reason I don't smile more, is I am not around that many people who smile like Smiley Guy! It is quite contagious. Even smiles with his eyes closed while he is worshiping. Smiley Guy and Running Boy, you have inspired me! How was your Sunday?
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Isaac's Talks

Isaac loves to talk. He has decided recently to "have talks". He will approach me or Brian, and tell us, "Mom/Dad, I gonna have a talk with you."

Today the talk went something like this:

Isaac: Hey Mom, I gonna have a talk with you.

Me: Ok Isaac, whatcha need?

Isaac: Well, I gonna keep Jack cause I love him and he loves me. And I really like watchin He-Mann. And know what, I love you (kissed my hand). I have freckles. You have freckles too. But, Abbie scared my freckles away, now I have one. (which he does) K...bye.

Man o Man...he really did not want a response, nor did it merit one. Just wanted his voice to be heard. Funny. Adults do this too.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Strawberry Tree

So...venturing out. Last week was a fun week in the kitchen. Had the yuckys, but decided to try some new things. I made the perfect deviled egg for the first time in my life. I cooked with an ingredient that is now a secret in the Shaw house. Not gonna tell...don't ask. :P And, I made this...

Looked MUCH better in real life...but since it was almost completely gone in a matter of 2 hours, you won't be able to testify to that. Well..maybe a few chosen can! lol. Hope you had an Easter filled with yummys too.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008


This morning I was convicted, excited, and overwhelmed with thought provoking emotion...all before I even walked into the doors of our church.

As we were pulling up to the stop light at our Church's entry...I noticed a little boy of about the age of 8, running. He ran along the side of our car, crossed the VERY BUSY and kinda scary intersection of 26, and then ran into our church's parking lot. Bundled up in an Old Navy stripped stocking cap, Easter dress outfit, and Nikes... The boy wore one thing that has resounded in my mind all morning. A smile. He ran with a his place of refuge. I wanted to kick off my heels, throw open the squeaky door, and run with him. I felt his excitement about running to church. I too could not wait to enter the doors of the house of the Lord. While I am sure that we both worshiped in different ways...I was inspired by an 8 year old today. I am so glad to have the desire to run. And am quite frankly saddened that most that I not have the desire. So...dear friends...I encourage you to RUN! Run to that place of worship...don't make excuses. Don't only go occasionally...RUN! Every time the doors are opened if possible. If an 8 year old can leave his family, his easter eggs, endure the cold, cross major intersections...all with a smile on his face. So can I. I will run. Will you?
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty Awesome...

How awesome is our Lord?

Last night, as we were driving our long drive home from church...I looked out on the fields. It was a very clear night, with all the stars and the moon shining in His Glory. I noticed how the fields appeared to be covered in snow. The moon reflecting off the water standing on the field, gave off a glorious sight. It struck me as cleansing. Purifying. Reminding me of how the earth reflects God's glory daily. And we just fail to see it. Then, I my thoughts turned to how God allowed this phenomenon to happen...and ever more so...he orders the events in my life. Pretty awesome. This God that we serve is big enough to order the moon to shine just right on His reflect His show His servant...that HE is the boss. He is in control. He is on the throne. Just thought it was cool.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What have I been up to???

Well...Haven't posted much on here lately. I have found that I am afraid to say much, afraid of how it might be taken. I am learning and growing in some great ways, and just don't feel that I can be real and open about them. So, I started a private blog to write about those. Most of my learning things will be there. This blog will be for updates on the Shaw Family and praises. So as to not BOG anyone with the! is the update for the week:

1. We got the yuckies. Kind of a cold flu type thing. Seems to be moving into more of the cold, and flu seems to saying goodbye, but still can not stay off the potty. would think that one would loose weight when potting this much. Pity.

2. House has stayed clean for 3 weeks. Granted, we were gone for one of those weeks. But, hey, that is almost 1 month!!!!

3. I am taking a great class at church called, "Renewed Lives". It is wonderful so far. Lots of homework, which I need to keep me on track. It deals with renewing your heart and mind for better service to Him. Great things. I will be starting the accountability group soon also. I might need to wait until Brian either gets a better job, or Abbie is done with T-Ball, as we are already driving up 4 times a week as it is. ;)

4. The Passion Play is this week. I LOVE being a part of the goings on of Easter. I think that when you make Easter all about a day to dress up and get candy and go to Church even, you take away from the realness of it. At the church that I grew up in, we did a Passion Play each year. I was in it from the time I hit Freshman...It was like celebrating Easter every time that we practiced. And then for the 4 nights of the performance. This year, we will celebrate Easter on Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun. I love it. If anyone needs tickets, let me know!

---That is this week in a nutshell. Hope you have an awesome time of "renewal" as you celebrate what Christ has done for you!!!!----
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just a Few More Pictures...

Thought I would pop just a few more pictures of our trip up here. I did a lot of editing after putting the other ones up. I won't go back and fix my non-edited photo's...just add a few!

This is one of my favorite castle pictures!
I love how they look at each other so adoringly... I cant remembe if I posted this one already, but it has been cropped and such, it is coming on again.
Ummmm...more Pirates :P
Sunset at Honeymoon Island
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Friday, March 7, 2008


A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbows will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're feeling small
Alone in the night you whisper
Thinking no one can hear you at all
You wake with the morning sunlight
To find fortune that is smiling on you
Don't let your heart be filled with sorrow
For all you know, tomorrow
The dream that you wish will come true

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

For so long, we have allowed ourselves to stop wishing and dreaming. This week...we did both.

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In Fairy Land...

This week was like fairy princess world for Abbie. As we were flying over the clouds today on the way home we had this little conversation:

Abbie: Mom, are we near Heaven now?

Me: No, Abbie, but isn't it beautiful? Are you thinking about Heaven?

Abbie: Yeah, I think that God will have a much bigger Disney World in Heaven.

Me: Well...that would be awesome Abs.Abbie LOVES Mary Poppins. She blushed for 15 min after seeing her the first time.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. I had just asked her if Peter Pan was her boyfriend...this is the look I received. Turkey.
Abbie got a special treat of taking part in the Belle's Storytime Show...She was Mrs Potts.

I could shoot myself for not taking the picture sooner...but here is the princess dancing with Prince Charming. He has now taken the place of EVERY boy and man that she has ever met...including her daddy. She sat dreamy eyed the rest of the night. Seriously.

While Isaac threw the shells, Abbie picked, sorted, and collected all sorts of cool creatures. Planet Hollywood was fun. This picture was taken after seeing the Dorthy--Wizard of Oz dress.
And this is Mrs Charming showing how excited she was to enter the Magic Kingdom.
Abs wanted a Minnie Mouse costume, but we could not find one on short notice, and were not willing to spend the 50 something there, so I made her this apron before leaving home. Minnie loved it...

Swimming swimming and more swimming...what a guppy.
And Prim and Proper 6 year old. She just seemed so grown up. As soon as she sat down to the Royal Ball, she took her silverware and placed them in the appropriate settings, then put her napkin in her lap, and finally sat up as straight as she could.
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Things Isaac Loved...

Isaac in Wonderland. Alice called him a giggle weed. She was so tickled with him that she came back 3 times to play. They even went on a peek a boo hunt to find Piglet together. They were best buddies...until Cinderella came along a few days later.

Bugs...we have not seen them for a couple of months here. Isaac took a liking to catching them while waiting in line to see Minnie...the girls were not too thrilled with them though.

MR Cinderella---Isaac was chosen to dance with Cinderella at the ball...he is in love.
Chopsticks. He is a pro. The End.

Buzz Lightyear...a new favorite. This was his favorite ride, of course it involved shooting!Ummmm can we say convertible??? Actually this was not his hurt his ears, I just like the picture!

Throwing shells at the beach. While Abs collected them, Isaac threw them.
Hanging on Daddy. As most know, Isaac is a climber and hanger. This became his past time hobby while standing in line.

Pirates.... PIRATES
And you guessed it...more Pirates...This is Isaac's new passion. According to his new version of the Cinderella story, A pirate will now be taking the place of Prince Charming ;)
Swimming...he is really good at it. And loves putting his face in to blow bubbles out of his nose!

Boards....anykind. But, surfboards have become a new symbol of coolness. This was at the Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Orlando.
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Yes, It is true. We are home. Had a GREAT trip. It helped us realize that we are really happy just being together as a family, and are willing to go anywhere in the long as it is not Attica! It was very hard to come home. Brian, Abbie, and I are wishing that we are anywhere but here. Isaac, bless his little heart, is just glad to be back with his Jack. But, if Jack was in Florida...Isaac would be IN HEAVEN!

I will write a little more later...Have a great evening.
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