Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty Awesome...

How awesome is our Lord?

Last night, as we were driving our long drive home from church...I looked out on the fields. It was a very clear night, with all the stars and the moon shining in His Glory. I noticed how the fields appeared to be covered in snow. The moon reflecting off the water standing on the field, gave off a glorious sight. It struck me as cleansing. Purifying. Reminding me of how the earth reflects God's glory daily. And we just fail to see it. Then, I my thoughts turned to how God allowed this phenomenon to happen...and ever more so...he orders the events in my life. Pretty awesome. This God that we serve is big enough to order the moon to shine just right on His reflect His show His servant...that HE is the boss. He is in control. He is on the throne. Just thought it was cool.



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