Sunday, March 30, 2008

The running boy...

Yup, he was out there again today! Running his little pea picken heart out. Funny how I have a love for that kid, and don't even know him! BUT, I decided today that church needs to be everyday. lol. I don't even mind the drive. I have the itches to be back tonight. And tomorrow night...and the get the point.

Sunday School was on Servants. Hmmm...good stuff. Worship was about Suffering. UMMM...much needed! And we have been sitting behind a deacon. I call him Smiley Guy. This guy smiles more than anyone I have ever met. I realized that one reason I don't smile more, is I am not around that many people who smile like Smiley Guy! It is quite contagious. Even smiles with his eyes closed while he is worshiping. Smiley Guy and Running Boy, you have inspired me! How was your Sunday?



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