Sunday, March 23, 2008


This morning I was convicted, excited, and overwhelmed with thought provoking emotion...all before I even walked into the doors of our church.

As we were pulling up to the stop light at our Church's entry...I noticed a little boy of about the age of 8, running. He ran along the side of our car, crossed the VERY BUSY and kinda scary intersection of 26, and then ran into our church's parking lot. Bundled up in an Old Navy stripped stocking cap, Easter dress outfit, and Nikes... The boy wore one thing that has resounded in my mind all morning. A smile. He ran with a his place of refuge. I wanted to kick off my heels, throw open the squeaky door, and run with him. I felt his excitement about running to church. I too could not wait to enter the doors of the house of the Lord. While I am sure that we both worshiped in different ways...I was inspired by an 8 year old today. I am so glad to have the desire to run. And am quite frankly saddened that most that I not have the desire. So...dear friends...I encourage you to RUN! Run to that place of worship...don't make excuses. Don't only go occasionally...RUN! Every time the doors are opened if possible. If an 8 year old can leave his family, his easter eggs, endure the cold, cross major intersections...all with a smile on his face. So can I. I will run. Will you?



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