Monday, December 22, 2008

The Living Nativity

We were so blessed with the opportunity to serve our Lord this Christmas. It was purely amazing. Every night, we walked away with a tired happiness settling into our hearts. This production was just awesome, and the cast members showed us that serving Him is a joy even in the 15 degree weather, rain, and amazing winds. I tried to get a shot from each scene in order, but missed one scene. So, here are the 11/12 scenes of the Lafayette Living Nativity.

Scene One
The Garden of Eden---The Need for a Savior
Scene Two
Noah's Ark---The People Rebel

Brian is being told by Noah to REPENT! (Brian was in the brown Carhartt at the edge of the picture)
Scene Three
The Savior is Coming---picture was too blurry due to lighting..sorry.

Scene Four

Scene 5
The Manager---The Savior has Come.

Scene 6
The Shepherds---This reminded me of Charlie Brown's

Scene 7
The Wisemen

Isaac spooked one of the camels, and the poor thing tried to run away from him. Only to remember that he was on a lead. Poor Camel.

Scene 8
Raising Lazarus

Scene 9
Calming the Waters

The disciples rowed so hard, and were so frightened, that they rocked the boat too hard. Rocked it off its rocker. We all sang, "Don't rock the boat, baby." for most of the evening.
Scene 10
The Crucifixion

Scene 11
He's Alive!

Scene 12
Christ Returns!

This poor guy had the worst part in the whole production. He had to stand on a platform in the middle of the parking lot. It was freezing! But, as you can see, there is air blowing up his robe. That was hot air. ;) We told him that Mary was supposed to be the only pregnant one! lol.
Abbie had the blessing of serving with Miss Jamie. Miss Jamie took care of her in Bethlehem and at the Crucifixion scene. Brian and I are so thankful for friends that take thought of our child's spiritual well being. It was a very neat thing for Abbie to be able to serve. And she could not have done without Miss Jamie...THANKS JAMIE!



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