Friday, November 14, 2008

An Abbie Funny...

Oh my...what a girl I have.

Abbie and Isaac have all sorts of ideas about a new baby coming to our house. They desperately want a sibling, that honestly, may never happen. Occasionally, Abbie comes to me and asks if we will have a baby by "this" time next year.

So, today, she came up with her latest! Too Funny. Abs was clipping coupons (yes, I have taught her well). She comes running in, telling me that she found something to buy that would help me be pregnant!!! My mind was reeling thinking about what coupon she might have just found. Is your mind thinking crazy things now???

Much to my surprise, she brought in a coupon for Dove body bars. LOL! When I further investigated her little discovery, she showed me a picture under the coupon that showed a lady with a little bit of a belly. She put 2 and 2 together...and viola, you have a coupon for an item that will help you get pregnant! Oh, and since the bars were blue and pink, she thought that meant that you could buy the pink ones to have a girl. Seriously, were do they come up with these things?

On the way home tonight, Brian tried to explain how babies were made. Something about seeds, and that mommy and daddy's both have seeds in us...and Daddy has to give Mommy a seed. Then God touches it and it grows into a baby. Abbie told Brian that he needed to share his seed so that we could have a baby...and Isaac asked how many seeds it took. Then self declared that it took "bout 5 or 6 I think mom." I am picturing the delight that they will have when they swallow an apple seed or tangerine seed. I can already see them happily coming to tell me that they have seeds in them and they will have babies.



Stickers on November 14, 2008 at 10:47 PM said...

Oh, the cleverness of youth!



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