Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bubble Boy

My boy is the bubble boy now. After almost 3 years of struggles with Isaac, we now have a diagnosis. He is IgA deficeint. This means that his body doesnt make the cells that are necessary to war off infections and viruses. He is now on a life long medicine that makes him kinda whiny. We are hoping that this will be a short side affect. The dr told us that Isaac should not go to public school or daycares. He needs to stay home so that he can protect his immune system. We will never be able to actually build his immune system, just keep him protect him some from the "diseases" of the world. ;) We have been focused on other things and have not really paid much attention to what this means for our family. That is until just in the last few days. And now, Isaac is sick...just a small cold for now, but we were given strict instructions that even a small cold will turn into an infection that he will not be able to overcome, so that we will have some more dr appointments and more meds...blah blah blah...We will get use to this. This will become part of life. I really am not worried about it, just want to know what to do with this new information. How can I help this not affect our lives as much...this is what I am learning. And I am excited that God has given Isaac a "temptation" that he can overcome and give Him the glory on the otherside! I think that is cool.



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