Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Go

Life has been filled with so many ups and downs over the past year.  Honestly, some were just too unbelievable to even post.  It has been long enough since I last wrote on my blog, that the format has actually changed.  What a nice surprise to come to this fancy page to write!

Some goals for this week:

-  Fill out Menu for next week
-  Grocery shop
-  Pick up house
-  Vaccum
-  Wash Kitchen Floors
-  Pick up sticks in yard
-  Clean bedroom
-  Organize clothes
-  List 15 more items on Ebay
-  Write another blog post.  (Yes, I kinda chuckled as I wrote this.)

I have astonished myself within the past month, in the fact that I have actually been crossing things off of my lists.  I am a list maker...not a list finisher, much to the dismay of my dear husband.   I have this amazing way of writing beautiful lists, that somehow make it into the pile of papers that were intended to be gone through and thrown away.  (Which, of course, never happens either.)  So...there you have it.  I will try to come back for more frequent visits.  Afterall, this list can not be thrown into the trash, right?  Kinda out there in web-lala-land forever. 



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