Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty Pink Princess

I must admit, I never thought having a girly, frilly, fru-fru, princessy girl would make my heart feel such sweet things.  My Gracie girl adores all things girl.  When I put on my make up, she hollars out, "Me tooooo, I unt sooommmee! PEEAAASSSE".  She loves to walk around in my heels.  Her favorite girls are "Pin-AHS"  (Princess)  She naturally chooses pink, snuggles in close, says pretty several times a day, and puckers up for lipstick.  She thinks that purses, phones, and sunglasses are items to be treasures.  And, while she doesn't like to keep them on, she likes pretty shoes/boots.  (Think Cinderella???)  Case in point:  She just brought me Isaac's GI Joe man and said, "Huuuug", and is now wrapping him in a blanket and rocking him in her nanny-rocker.  (Abbie would have been karate chopping him.) 

Yes, this girl is a ....girl.  And she is mine. 



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