Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's a Lonely Life Sometimes

Man.  I am struggling with some loneliness tonight.  I worry that all relationships are superficial and not worth putting time into.  I worry that maybe I haven't done a good enough job at being a friend, which is why I don't have many deep relationships.  I worry that others are sitting in their lovely, comfy chairs and rolling their eyes at me...thinking that I am too much like my teenage daughter.  Caught you.

All that aside.  Right now, I am lonely.  One of the downsides of moving for the ministry, is not having long term relationships.  I don't think that churches fully understand this either.  They don't realize that when a pastor moves into a new area for their church, his wife and children now have to make new friends.  In our case, we moved to a very lovely church...filled with super sweet people.  Problem is that these awesome people, have their own very busy lives and families.  (Moving into a small town means every one is related and most of their families live beside each other.) Our church members are such nice and generous people, but the truth is:  Their lives are already filled.

So, now I am pondering this thought:  Are we all to filled to love others well?  Are we too busy doing what we think needs to be done, to cherish each other?  Do we feel that we already have "enough" friends and family in our lives, and we don't have room for another?  Are our lives just too filled? 

How might we empty ourselves some, to love others the way that Christ desired us to?  When was the last time you called, messaged, texted someone to just see how they were doing...with no need to be filled of your own?  When was the last time that you added a new relationship in your life, and actually followed it thru?  I am so guilty too.  We need to be better. 



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