Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meet Jack...

Jack, the newest member of our family. He is a Boxador, part Boxer, but mostly Lab. At 4 months old, Jack weighs in at 45 lbs, and his paws are every bit as big as Zeke's. (And Zeke is a BIG boy!) We were told that he could easily pass Zeke in height and weight, so Brian is a happy guy. He takes great pride in having a big dog...(weird huh???)

Anyhow...we are in love. He is a very friendly dog. At 16 weeks, he is still fairly disobediant. He loves Brian, and will stay right at his side, but refuses to listen to me...Crazy puppy. He also SNORES, BURPS, and GETS HICCUPS! Have you ever seen a dog have hic-cups? It is really funny. He is also a big eater. He has been eating more than Zeke. Hopefully that will stop soon, otherwise, we wont be able to afford him! Here are a few pictures of him, but I will have to add some more b/c he refused to pose for me...Doesnt he know who adopted him? He will have to learn soon~



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