Sunday, August 26, 2007

90 Day Power Make Over...

So, we begin. Tonight we started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makover program! Our goal is to be financially fit. That actually is an inaccurate statement. Our goal is to be physically fit, financially fit, emotionally fit, spiritually fit... We have 90 days to acheive these goals: (Some of these are personal goals, some are goals as a couple)

1. Save at least $1,000
2. Pay off at least $2,000 in debt
3. Have enough money saved for the purpose alone of enjoying Christmas.
4. Finish all the painting of the house.
5. Landscape the exterior.
6. After the house is finished, go 30 days with a clean house.
7. Be in a size 6-8 jeans by Christmas.
8. Stay on a budget for 30 days.
9. Stay on a schedule for school for 4 weeks.
10. Go 30 days without missing devotions/prayer time.

My goal is not to do these all at the same time, but to start one and then after I start feeling better about that one, start working on another one. I desire by the New Year, to not have to feel bad that I never achieved my 2007 goals. I desire that when I take communion this year on New Years Eve, that my life is glorifying to God.

I am praying that God will keep me accountable. I am praying that He will give me strength. On my own, I can not succeed. On my own...I will fail. I need discipline. Pray with me???



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