Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Dangerous Woman....

I came across an article on a book that I am interested in reading... and thought I would share it :) .

Here is an excerpt from the book:

A dangerous woman delves deeply into the truth of who she is, grounds herself daily in the healing and empowering love of God and radically engages with the needs of the world. Dangerous women cross lines of age, race and culture raising money, thinking creatively, taking risks, reinventing their lives, following their God-given dreams.

Dangerous women; world changing women. Thats what I want to be (We can be) women who acknowledge our power to change and grow and be radically alive for God... healers of wounds and righters of wrongs. Weeping with those who weep and speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Cherishing children, embracing the elderly and empowering the poor; praying deeply and teaching wisely. Strong and gentle leaders.

May we shine like stars in a darkened generation. May we overflow with goodness in the name of God and
by the power of Jesus. And in that name, and by that power, may we change the world. Dear God, please
make us dangerous women.'
Nice Girls Don't Change the World by Lynne Hybels

Inspiring Huh?



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