Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A long awaited update...

My life. It has been a very Busy. Blessed. Beautiful.

Here is a quick...or not so quick update on our little family. Pictures will follow, but currently, I can not find my memory card. Is that really surprising??? we go....

I have been enjoying a super sweet time with the Lord lately. Devotions, Prayer time, and Worship have been truly been the heartbeat of each day. I am thankful for the times like these. They pull you through the times when you are not as close as you should be. Know what I mean?

Also, I am loving my little coupon business! It has been blossoming with opportunities! If things go as planned, we could possibly be booked solid through the first of the year! Amazing Provision!

The school year has begun, and it is turning into my absolute favorite time of the year. Brian and I chuckled that 6 friends told me this week that they think of me and miss me most in the fall. This season has imprinted itself into my being. I love how God can mold one's personality out of a season. I am treasuring these days. Possibly the last fall I will spend watching my Red tree out front.

Brian is still staying busy seeking and searching for God's next place for us. It is amazing to watch the Lord work in your spouse's life as they grow. It is not always a pleasant thing to stand back and watch. With growth, there is toil and heartache. Brian has had to pull through the toil to see the way to grow. But Praise the Lord that He is faithful in growing His children!

Brian is also excited to have some opprotunities to preach!

Mmmmm....Abbie has been the busiest of all of us. (Well except for Brian and I driving her around!) Abs started the 3rd grade this fall. She also started going to a homeschool co-op, which she loves! As you probably read earlier, Abbie was chosen to be an American Girl model. This is such a huge thing to her.

Little Fun Fact about Abbie: She has only lost one of her two front teeth! It has been a year since her first one fell out.

Abbie Funny: One night, (yes night) there was a rainbow in the sky after church. Abbie was outside with Pastor Trey and they were talking about Noah. Abbie told Pastor Trey: "Pastor Trey, I am so glad that Noah built the we can have rainbows." lol

Isaac is still the funniest little kid. He is working on his K4, but really is finished with most of the work. He too started Homeschool Co-op! Isaac's life currently consists of GI Joes, Skateboarding, watching UFC with Brian, and Secret Clubs. He is really working on obeying the first time, and calling back to us, "Coming Mom". He is getting so big.

Little Fun Fact about Isaac: Isaac is 2.5 inches taller than Abbie at age 4. We know this b/c Abs started Kindergarten close to Isaac's age. She was 40lbs and 40 inches. Isaac is 35 lbs and 42.5 inches! lol. My string green bean.

Isaac Funny: One day we took him to Olive Garden. As he was looking around at the ambience, he said, "Someday, when I grow up and get married, I am going to bring Claire here. And I am going to kiss her, but only if she wants me to." One year later, Isaac still believes that he will marry Claire, but not kiss her till they get married.

AND....Adding MAGGIE!
We have adopted an adorable little girl. She is half dalmation half lab. 100% CRAZY! It has been so much fun to watch her grow and learn. She is Brian's little sweet girl, and insists on sleeping near him whenever she can. She even runs with him now. Which is his favorite part of owning a dog.

So...there is our family. For this week. Next week...all could change. Isn't that fun?


Sue on September 23, 2009 at 11:42 PM said...

I loved this post... your kids seem to have such adorable personalities. You sound so happy & full of God's joy. What a delight to visit you tonight :-D


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