Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Possible Step.

Not sure of our steps. We are not guiding them. Strange feeling to walk and not know where your feet will land.

We are taking a possible step tomorrow. A possible big one. The kind that you jump off a rock and land into water that is a little dark...wondering how deep it really is.

Praying tonight that God takes our little silly feet...and tells them where to tread. And praising Him for making my heart happy with wherever my feet end up. He is so good like that.

PS...I can't wait to post pictures on Saturday! I have some cool ones!<---- It is Saturday, and I am tired and cold. I am rebelling against going out to the van to get my camera. Most picts I will post these 2, just because they were cool. And I don't have to move to do it. lol



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