Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And Finally...A GoodBye.

The part that I dreaded. The part where I have to say good bye to my little house.

I know...I know...It's just a house. Behold All things will perish.

BUT, this little house has been an amazing shelter and refuge for my family. God blessed us with all that we needed, and graciously provided for us even when we complained.

Last night, I laid in bed talking to the little lady house. I thanked her for withstanding the storms that blew her way. I thought back on all that her cracked walls saw in the almost 9 years that we lived here. And told her that I hoped she would have great owners that loved her as much as we did.

In our 9 years here, little lady house watched as we poured tears over the people of our church. Sobbed as we had to discipline some from our congregation. She was warm as I sat in my pink chair...awaiting the birth of Abbie and Isaac and then she watched us bring home 2 of our precious children. She held steady as puppies and little feet ran through the rooms...gleefully yelling and shouting. She creaked and moaned a little when we wept over 11 sweet ones that past on to Heaven, never for us to see their faces. Little Lady House was best friends with the Red Tree who made my heart sore with pleasure of God's splendid handiwork. And she endured all the renovations that we lovingly poured into her as well.

Thank you Lord for giving us such wonderful memories of a Little Lady House. She will forever be our home. And I am so happy that my kids will remember their wonderful times in her.


Nicky on April 8, 2010 at 11:48 AM said...

This makes me miss my house!


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