Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful Grace.

3 years ago right now, we were going for testings to check on our pregnancy. We were anxiously waiting to hear back if all was ok. Life was a rollercoaster at that time. There were so many things going on that my mind struggle to stay in a Biblical frame of mind. A few days later, we found out that my numbers would not double properly. And a few weeks later, we discovered that the little baby we called "Sparkler" would not see this side of Heaven. And a few weeks after that, we would loose little Sparkler. Trying times.

Around that same time, my grandfather (who I was very close to) passed away. This was crushing to our family. Also, at that time, we were preparing to leave New Hope and we also were grieving friends moving away and such. A serious spot of pain was forming in my heart, and I didn't know how it would be healed.

Amazing that God provided all we needed to move through that time in our life. He lead us to a church that would help teach us how to deal with the hurts in our heart, in a proper way. He sent us books out of the blue that would reveal places that needed to grow within our walk with Him. He sent amazing little blessings. His grace revealed in teeny ways.

Since that time in our lives, we have been waiting for another child...always missing our children that were lost. We also were waiting for another ministry and preparing to serve Him more faithfully than we had before. And over those three years...He continued to supply
His grace to us. Gifts that we did not deserve.

And now, we are awaiting one more beautiful gift of Grace. Recently, we went to another ultrasound to take a peek at Baby Grace. Afterward, I honestly sat for awhile thinking about the past few years, and the journey to this point. I smiled at the thought that the Lord would give us this gift, even though I know who I am in my heart, and know that I do not deserve it. I also smiled at the thought that 3 years ago, we lost "Sparkler" and my Grandfather "Leonard Kelly" ...and now we will have a Grace Kelly. To remind us of our Lord's amazing grace not only in salvation...but also of His grace to carry us through the difficult times and deliver us to the high mountain top high where we can bask in His glory. And to remind us that He places just the right people in our lives to help develop us into who He desires us to be. I started falling in love with her name. And knew that this was it.

After seeing his little girl's face, Brian agreed. Her name was Grace.



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