Saturday, November 20, 2010


Every year, we get to together to eat Turkey. Every year, I try to remind myself of the things I am thankful for. Every year, I am convicted over how little Thanksgiving I offer all year long. This year, some friends have done a GREAT job of reminding me to be thankful. Plus, my New Year's resolution to remember the little joys of life, has really helped too! And, I must say: "A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart." ---Ok so really, Madame Blueberry said that, but it is good. lol.

So here are my top 10 things I am thankful for. Not in any certain order mind you. They are all great gifts.

10. That my children seem to be growing in their own personal walks with the Lord. This is my favorite part of being a mother. Abbie has learned lessons of forgiveness and perseverance this year. Isaac is learning lessons of obedience and service.

9. That Brian has a job. This time last year he was laid off. We love our new ministry, and love our "kids" aka teens. Really, they are a new part of family. The church is also a treasured welcomed addition!

8. That we have a beautiful home. This time last year, we were facing the loss of our house b/c of the economy and lack of job. It is a scary place to be in when you don't know if you will have a home at Christmas time. God provided abundantly when He sent us to the Miss Country Bumpkin. She is lovely and provides for all of our shelter needs.

7. That my belly is blossoming with the growth of a dearly loved daughter. He has turned my grief into Joy and extended beautiful Grace to me. For all the struggles of this pregnancy, I am still in awe how HE has worked a miracle.

6. That He keeps teaching me lessons of humbleness, patience, and endurance. I am grateful for a loving God who prepares us before AND as we walk. He knows what is coming, and prepares us for the journey ahead. I love that. And am incredibly thankful that He gives us this gift. Otherwise, we would be miserable not knowing how to handle our trials.

5. That God placed wonderful people in our lives. Each person placed, has a purpose that He designed. I love it when we can see what purpose they play. The support of family. The encouragement of friends. Seriously, isn't that a great gift?

4. That He gave me a great husband. I may not always like him. (Hey---being honest here.) But, he is such a good man. Brian endures my hormonal state and my lazy housekeeping skills. And he always is looking for the lessons that the Lord is trying to teach him. He is a great dad. And he loves others. I am proud that he stands by my side.

3. That God gives us simple little pleasures to lighten our loads. Some of my favorites this year: Toads in a little boys hand, White sheets hanging on the line, sunrises coming up over the corn, finding a $595 coat from Bloomingdales...for $10 bucks at the Goodwill, discovering that my daughter treasures Christmas like I do... These are all little things that I don't deserve.

2. That He offers salvation to me. I am seriously one not worthy girl. But, He still loved me enough to draw me unto Him. And really, although the instant I accepted His gift and repented, I was saved... I love that He still offers ways for me to draw even closer to Him. He still offers daily grace.

1. That He has brought me out of the valleys of life and set me onto a beautiful mountaintop. Air is fresh up here...and while the trials of the valley are still very easy to see, and my hands still hurt some from the climb...I can breathe. He knew this place was coming, while I was stuck on the ledge. He knew the summer of life would be here. This year, I am so thankful for the Mountain.


saam said...

I loved this Annie! Beautifully written and sincerely meant! May God give you more grace in return for your grateful heart!

Kristi on November 20, 2010 at 11:41 PM said...

Amen! Looking forward to completing my Thankful List this week, too!


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