Monday, February 12, 2007

Blessings this week:

Just had to give you all a little praise! We went away to Brians parents house this week for a little rest...While we were there, we had someone checking our mail for us! On a whim, I had my friend look to see what we had gotten. (Actually hoping that Brian would have word on a new job) In the mail we received 3 checks!!! One was from a lady in our church (we knew that she would be sending it). The other 2 added up to EXACTLY what our paycheck would have been...!!!! One of the checks was from a lady in Terryl's church! Someone who doesnt know me at all...I am so amazed at our Lord...He is awesome!

ALSO....There were several messages, and one of them was from my mother. It ended up that my Grandmother is giving us a car!!!!!! This car to be specific (well, not this EXACT one, but it is just like it!) It is in good
condition. And Brian is so excited that it has a V-8 5.7 L engine! lol! It has totally gotten him out of his depression zone... My step-grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago, and they wanted us to have his car! What a blessing...I am sure that he would have been very happy with this...he always wanted to support our ministry. So....there you go! God blessed the socks off of us this week!

***I will post a picture when we get the car!****

Oh, and we got PAID!!!!! Just this weeks, but hey, it is something! We are fairly sure that we will not get paid next week, unless something big happens, but hey, we will just wait and see what HE has planned! Thanks ladies for letting me share with you...He is a good God, and you are such great friends!



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