Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January in Review

Man, I got way behind in family blog stuff! So sorry!!! We had some major projects to do in January, and pictures on the blog just kind of got pushed to the back. But, here is the month in review with pictures. :) I will try to do better with February!

The Month Started off with me doing my very first Coupon Presentation. I was invited to speak at a Wonderful Church in Plainfield, on couponing. I was nervous, and yet, I really enjoyed myself as well. It has been fun to hear the stories of families coming back to tell me how much they saved each week! YAY! Coupons ROCK...and I am glad that the fever is spreading!

This is a picture of my stockpile, although it is even fuller now. We lived off of our pantry stockpile for Dec, and are now building it back up.

The enfamous Mac and Cheese Recipe...

One of my Goals for 2009, is to try one new recipe a month. This was January's. It was good, but WAY WAY WAY too rich. Did I mention that it was Too Rich? lol. And fattening. This month will be Kelly's Cracker Barrel's Hashbrown Casserole!

Brian and Isaac's project, for one weekend, was making nunchucks. The ones that Bri is holding, were his from childhood. Isaac is holding his new ones made from, "washas and ppc pipes" (aka washers and pvc)

My Boy turned 4 in January! When we went to choose his b-day cake, he carefully looked at each fancy, decorated one. Spiderman, Soccer, Mickey Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....you name it. BUT, he said no to each. Then, he pulled my hand, to take me to HIS cake. A lovely triple chocolate cake. No writing, no decoration. JUST CHOCOLATE. That's my boy. I have never been more proud. And, we let him eat it for Breakfast, to which immediately afterwards, he asked if he could have his 1 pound Hershey's Bar for dessert. Good Boy.

Isaac had a Pirate Party this year. It was such a strange party, as it really just seemed like a fun time of fellowship, and not a party at all. Brian and I now treasure that day in our hearts. We were supposed to have the party at McD's Playland, but it was PACKED. So we headed to our trusty friends at Chick-Fil-A. They were just awesome. They even had the Totally cool Cow come out for entertainment. If anyone needs a b-day party place, you HAVE to check out
Chick-Fil-A. They are a wonderful organization to support.

This past weekend, we headed to Indy. It was supposed to be in celebration of Brian b-day and to find a van. Neither really happened, but I enjoyed myself. Brian, on the other hand, found the weekend stressful. I LOVE to ride around in the car, looking...kinda like window shopping. Brian...not so much. :P



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