Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michigan Trip...aka...I love Dawn and Band Groupie Trip.

Brian and I traveled up to Detroit last weekend. We really enjoyed being together, without the kids! It was the first time that the two of us have gone away since Abbie was born. Seriously. First time that Isaac stayed the night away from us. While I missed them, I really enjoyed my grown up time...and we will have to do it again!

While we were there, Dawn and I met up with our friend Terry from HP. We ate at a "fancy" restaurant in Macy's. The food was wonderful, but the fellowship was even richer...

These are my fancy french fries with Gorgonzola Cheese, but I like to call it Gogongzolla. lol.

Isn't Frieda one of the prettiest girls??? Oh...and Dawn too.

Chilling and Checking HP. Seriously. I drove almost 7 hours to sit on Dawn's couch and check HP. :P

Breakfast with the band. Yes...our music pastor, Titus, is giving bunny ears? This was such a wonderful morning...well worth waking up early for.

Shake and Shake the Ketchup bottle...some will come and then a lot will. Or, you can try to tap your finger on the 57 sign. Which really did not work. But the shaking did. Who owned the Ketchup bottle? Me.



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