Tuesday, September 18, 2012


One really awesome thing about having an ADD like mind, you forget...A LOT!  You forget where you put your keys, you forget you have laundry in the wash, you forget that your favorite shoes are air drying outside when it starts to rain, you forget movies were due 10 days ago, you forget to get toilet paper at the grocery store, but best of all:  You forget unpleasant circumstances.

I have found myself forgetting what happened 12 months ago.  Forgetting the nastiness.  While this is certainly a blessing, it is also a sad thing.  With the nastiness, I am forgetting some lovely people and some wonderful gifts.  Isaac was telling me today, that he never liked the house that we lived in.  I reminded him that it was a gift from the Lord, even if there were some very sad things that happened there.  Abbie has mentioned that the people are so much nicer at our new church, but then I reminded her that there were some wonderful and amazing people from the old as well.  I find myself being in my kids shoes tonight.  Thinking of the unmentionable, horrible things of last fall...and not remembering the beautiful blessings.  Forgetting. 

So, instead, I must remember to think on those things lovely, as the Lord has commanded.

1.  Our last ministry was a stepping stone to our present ministry.
2.  We learned what it was like to live on a farm.
3.  I overcame my fear of working with teens...and now secretly pine for the days of loving on them again.
4.  Brian and I gained several new children (alright...they would die if they heard me call them that), who will be in our lives forever.
5.  We were able to make a lasting impact on a group of teens...and prayerfully, they will change their worlds.
6.  I made a few new dear friends.  Specifically my Nicki.  (And her family)
7.  Brian and I learned what it meant to be prudent.  Wise as serpents...harmless as doves. 
8.  I learned to keep a cleaner house.
9.  We had Gracie while we were there.
10.  Brian decided fishing was "ok".
11.  I learned, once again, that the Lord provides continually!  What men mean for evil...He turns to good.
12.  I got a collection of Shakamak t-shirts.  lol
13.  We discovered some great little towns, and lived closer to Indy...which was much needed!
14.  Abbie got involved in 4-H.
15.  My children learned some valuable lessons of how to deal with extreme hurt and pain caused by others.  Though they are young, and still have to be reminded to keep their emotions in check, they will always remember that you must admit where you were wrong, and not allow other people's sin to cause you to stray and sin.

Lord, help me not to be forgetful in the areas that matter most.  Help me remember the beautiful things...but also the lessons that we have learned along the way.  I definitely never want to have to learn them again! 



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