Saturday, September 1, 2012


At first, I thought I would write about how horrible it is to have the flu/cold on Labor Day weekend.  Then, I realized that there has to be something of charm and grace in the ickies.  Right?

1.  You get to stay in PJ's and no one cares.

2.  You can take a nice long shower and not feel guilty that you are in longer for the normal 5 min.  Afterall, you are clearing your sinuses!!!

3.  You get caught up on all your favorite tv shows.

4.  You now know where everyone was on their weekend, b/c you spied on your friends on facebook all day long.

5.  Your hubby buys you taco bell for dinner.  (Forget about the fact that he didn't want to cook, and that Abbie ate your bean burrito on the way was still nice.)

6.  You can't hear the kids as well as normal, b/c your ears are stopped up, so it kind of makes for a quieter weekend?

7.  You remember how much you love Puffs and hate the Dollar Store brand Kleenex.

8.  You get an awesome thrill out of finding clearance cold medicine that fits your symptoms. $2.16 for         2 packages.

9.  You can light 10 different smelling candles and not care that the scents don't match.  You can't smell them, and they look pretty!

10.  You can drink all the hot tea and sprite that you want, in the name of a sore throat! 

So, who wants me to come over and help you have this awesome of a weekend???  Really, it is lovely!!!



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