Friday, May 4, 2007

Juicy Fruit...

Am I bearing big juicy fruit? I have not figured out a way that I could present exactly what I am thinking, without offending some that might read this, so I am going to leave my post with this...My search for who I am. Who God has designed me to be. These are the basics. These are biblical principles for who He wants me to be, so that I might bear Him fruit...

1. I am a lover of God. I am His servant. I am His follower. I am His to be glorified through. I am His learner.

2. I am a lover of Brian. I am his servant. I am his follower. I am his partner. I am his helper.

3. I am a mother of Abbie and Isaac. I am their servant. I am their leader. I am their teacher. I am their example of Christ. This must come after God and Brian. I cant allow myself to put them first.

4. I am a member of The Church. I am it's servant. I am it's helper. I am a teacher to some, and example for others, and learner above all else. Because this is an act of servanthood, and it is my venue of is hard to seperate it from #1. The fellowship of the church must come after my husband and children, but the service to my savior must come before. My God would not ask me to do anything that will harm my children, so I must trust Him that fully obeying His commands, will only bless them.

I am praying that God will show me where I am failing so that I might start producing the fruits that are glorifing to Him alone. Join me???



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