Friday, May 25, 2007

Sweet Fresh Rain

The wonder of rain...sweet smelling, fresh, soft, hard, beautifully created, wet, purifying, cleansing rain.

I woke up this morning to a glorious sound. Rain...Nice steady rain against my window. Rain is so precious. It gives life. It cleans. It reminds us that it takes days like this to make us appreciate sun. When God flooded the earth, He used water to rid the earth of its sin. To purge it.

Job 37:5, 11-13
"God thundereth marvellously with His voice; greath things doeth He, which we can not comprehend...Alsoo by watering He wearieth the thick cloud; He scattereth His bright cloud. And it is turned round about by His counsels: that they may do whatever He commandeth upon the face of the world in the earth...He causeth it to come, whether for correction, or for His land, or for mercy."

Isn't rain an awesome thing???



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