Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You never know...

...how you might be used! On our first date, Brian failed to leave the tip for our waitress. He was so excited about the date, that he forgot (he actually did this several times when we were dating! lol) Anyhow, the poor girl was really going through a rough time. It was Christmas time, and I felt terrible. The manager of that restaraunt banked at the branch I worked at. The next day, I put $10.00 inside a Christmas Card and told this girl the story of how it was our first date and we were so sorry. Also, told her that I prayed God would bless her that day. (It was a cheap meal, so a $10.00 tip was like 60%! lol) The manager told me the next day that this girl actually was considering suicide and when she received our card she started crying. Our card told the story of salvation on it. I dont know that she got saved that night, but I do know that it stopped her from ending her precious God give life.

Fast forward to today. I have been having a miserable time of it lately. God has been blessing in HUGE ways, but I have been struggling with some depression. Silly I know...Embaressing I KNOW! lol...Today, I received an email from somebody who doesnt know me at all. She just knew that I was struggling...and listened to God's prompting. She gave me the verse Jer. 29:11. It really hit me. Yes, I knew this verse by heart since I was 8...Yes, I claim to believe every word of it. Yet, why do my actions not show the fruit of this belief??? Thank you dear sister in Christ for the fresh reminder and for an encouraging word. It was exactly what I needed...and you probably didnt know God was going to use you in such a big way today huh???



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