Friday, May 4, 2007

Missing Brian...

Why would I miss a man who can pull on every string in my heart and twist them into one big knot, I dont know. But, I do. I haven't gotten to spend very much time with him lately. He has been working a job outside of the church, and the church is needing strange hours out of him also. Lots of phone calls and such. His sleep schedule is messed up...and so is mine. Thus, me typing away at 12:37 pm~ We were apart this past weekend, and are looking at the possiblity of being apart this coming week also. I should be rejoicing over a break from this man who is so stressed. Instead, I find myself worried that he will not be ok without me. And vice versa. I love the connection that God has given us this past year. There have been so many terrible things happen, yet God has used those things for His glory in more ways than one. One of the best ways though is my new love for my husband. Yes, he is a booger...but he is my booger.!!!!!! :) And I would pick him once more if I had to pick again! Love you baby...and missing you tonight.



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