Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not quite a Firecracker...

More of a Sparkler right now...

Wee Baby Shaw is taking it's time growing. Today we found out that our numbers did not double. This doesnt mean that we have no hope, just that we have to trust God a little more in what His plans are instead! We will have an ultrasound tommorow to tell how things are progressing. Hoping to come back and give you great news!

Here are a few REALLY cool ways that God was with me today though...

1. As I was sorting laundry (doing that frantic cleaning thing just to keep busy!) all of these awesome verses started popping into my head. At that instant, I remembered that the ladies from Hannah's Prayer were praying that God would be near me. And He was. And it was awesome!

2. As I was getting the laundry out of the dryer...yes still doing laundry lol...I saw someone at the door. I didnt want to open it because I was still in my sweats and had not done my hair, but I did anyhow. And low and behold...a darling lady and her hubby from our church had sent me flowers. Not just any flowers...but Gerber Daisies...which are my favorites! And not just any Gerber Daisies, but Pink ones...cause she and I are secretly hoping for a little girl. ;) God was an awesome God again by using one of His servants to put a smile on my face.

3. And my finally...tonight I was struggling for Abbie and Isaac. Abbie is so excited that I am pregnant. Tonight she wrote me a note saying, "I am so hape that you or pragnat mom". Made me laugh. (and think...man I need to be teaching her better! lol) Anyhow..she and Isaac were going to have to go with us to the ultrasound tommorow. I was worried that we would hear bad news, and she would be devestated. We really didnt have any options as far as a babysitter since everyone in our church is sick and I dont want to burden them or get us sick! So, I was getting ready to ask for prayers for Abs and Isaac...when an idea came to my mind... I remembered that Sara, a dear friend of mine, works for the same network that my dr is in. On a whim, I called her to see what time she got off. She got off an hour later than my appointment. BUT, my big God worked something out...she just HAPPENS to be on float at that office tommorow! Seriously! She will be able to watch the kids in the waiting room for me. Now, tell me what an AWESOME God that I have. I think pretty BIG AWESOME.

So, even if our firecracker/sparkler is heavenbound, I know that my Father has it all under control. He took care of today...He will take care of tommorow, and all the rests of my tommorows...Tell me, Isn't He awesome?


lslindsey on November 16, 2007 at 1:24 PM said...

Hi, Annie
this is lynette from Terryl's church. We are praying for you and your little one. Just a thought.....
Have you and Brian ever thought about church planting in Wyoming? The North American Missions Board of the SBC (namb.net) needs a Diretor of Missions there. There is a big need for churches there. Also Oregon, Washington state, Idaho all need church plantings. We drive through there on our way to Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center in Or. (cbcc.net)
We are building a Retreat camp in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas on a beautiful mountain lake and would love for you and the family to come out there some time. Check us out at www.covenantcamp828.com. Email replies to lynette@cliftonbaptistchurch.org or


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