Thursday, December 6, 2007

Isaac and Abbie Funnies...and not so funnies...

Abbie First:

Be aware. Your child watches those commercials!Lol. Abbie came into the bathroom this morning while I had water running in the sink. We have just a tiny clog in that sink that I have been working on. Abbie matter of factively told me, "You need The Orange Bam Mom!" Then walked out. Those commercials drill into their little heads. And ours for that matter!!!!!!

Now, the EVER commical Isaac:

We visited a church in another town on Sunday. Isaac was suprisingly EXCITED about joining in his sunday school class. As most of you know, we lost our baby this past week, and it has been a little sad for the kids. Isaac has been trying to "peek" to see how Jesus was going to take the baby to heaven! In Sunday School...Isaac learned about Mary and Joseph. He learned that Mary was going to have a baby. Get this!!!! In the middle of the class that Isaac had never been to before, he starts talking! He told the teacher that his mommy has a baby in her belly. Then he went on the say, "But out baby died." The teacher was SHOCKED! She did not know us. She tried to gently tell Isaac that someday we could go to heaven and see the baby. Isaac then told the class very proudly, "Yes. I am going to use my dad's ladder. But I have to get a taller one, cause that one is not big enough!" The teacher tells me all of this while I am picking him up. I am in tears of course, she is struggling to know the right thing to say, and Isaac is trying to explain to me at the door, "Mom...that Mary had a baby in her belly like you, but hers isn't dead." Oh My! The honesty of our children brings me back to reality. Isaac still prays 3 times a day that God would keep the baby safe, and then at the end of his prayers, tells me that Jesus is taking care of it for me. What faith and pure honesty. Seems cleansing in a way. And man, Isaac can always make me giggle in a wierd way!



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