Sunday, December 30, 2007

So...I'm Down...


I have worked very hard at my weight loss. Unfortunately, I was forced to take a 10 week break from exercise and diet, but still maintained my loss. So, officially today I am DOWN! I got so so so excited last week when I slipped those lovely size 8 pants on with ease. AMAZING! Then, this weekend, I got a size 6 skirt that looks great! Just what I needed to give me that boost! I was looking at all these GREAT slacks that were size 6, and I thought, in 2 months...these will be mine. And, they will. I promise myself, unless God prohibits me again, I WILL be in a 6 this summer. I WILL be healthy. And I will be able to go on any hiking trail I please.

Now, I must must must start praying more fervently for this one thing...currently, my grocery bill is nil. Until Brian gets another job, we will be living off of $1000 a month to pay all of our bills, eat, and gas (it cost over 200 a month in gas just for Brian to go to work!!!!) So, we are going to be struggling a bit. We really need your prayers. I am scared and feel a bit of lack of faith right now. Thinking about last spring, and feeling as though this year could look the same. The thought of living like this again, I can not imagine. But, when we are weak, HE is strong, so we shall see what HE has planned for our weakness!!!!!!!! lol... All that to say, it is going to be hard to eat healthy, so I am praying for God's provisions in this matter. Specifically praying for a smaller freezer so that I can stock up on frozen veggies when they are cheap/free. Can't wait to see how God is going to provide!

Oh...and here are my currents numbers (as embarrassing as they are...EEEKS!)

Starting Weight: 142 Current Weight: 132 Goal Weight: 120
(notice how the colors get lighter...just like I will! lol POSITIVE THINKING)
Starting Waist: 33 inches Starting Hips: 39 inches
Current Waist: 31.5 inches Current Hips: 38 inches
Goal Waist: 27 inches Goal Hips: 36

Current Size: In between 8 and 10 Goal Size: 6



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