Friday, March 20, 2009

With a Sweet Sigh...

My heart sighed quite sweetly tonight, as I shared a darling night with my hubby and my 2 littles.

First, Brian and I watched a movie together...and it was fun.

Second, Abbie, Isaac, and I all watched "The Duggars" for the remaining of the evening. I adore the fact that my kids can relate to such cleanliness, and do not think it strange. I loved watching the look on Abs face when they were talking about having a Christian Marriage. And I loved how she watched intensely as Josh and Anna had their first kiss. And how she turned to me and said, "Mom, I am going to marry a good man like him. I will marry a Christian...a good one." lol. And how Isaac got a little nervous at the thought of moving away from home. He said, "Mom, I will always love you forever even if you or me go far away." These are testaments to parenthood. My children love their life, but yet they desire that which is the good thing in the future. I am sitting here with the feeling of goodness, contentment, and peace. No matter what happens, my children love their God and their mommy. That is what a sweet sigh is all about!



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