Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forest Was Wrong.

Forest Gump was incorrect. Life is not like a box of Chocolates. lol.

Life is like A Game of Candy Land!

Some days I feel like these happy little boys. On a mission to finish the game well. A smile plastered to my face. Prepared to face all that stands in front of me. Waving my little hand to tell the world, "I have the Lord on my side. I am going to win. Nothins gonna stop me now!" I like these boys.

Somedays, I feel like sweet little Princess Lolly. Those days are blissful and few and far between. They are the days that I just let life float on. The days I indulge in a second piece of chocolate cheesecake. The days I kick my little foot up and paint my nails. I am sure that God is more honored in the fact that these days are not that often. I should be more like the little boys. lol.

Somedays, I can not deny it, I am Grandma Nut. Unfortunately, I spend a lot of my days in the "Nut House". I often feel as though I have those amazing slides running all the way through my little domain. Shooting all discipline out the window, along with sanity. Even though Grandma Nut has some issues of discipline and craziness, she looks perfectly content and seems to be a servant of those around her. A little craziness is ok I suppose, as long as I remember to stick with the little boys...and keep marching towards the FINISH LINE!

Oh man. This is a place I feel like I have gotten stuck at way too many times in my life. You know the swampy land of sugar that you can land on...and stay at...while seemingly everyone else passes you by? I seriously don't like this place. Many great little plastic boys loose the game here. Why does Mr Gloppy look so happy? Seriously. But, for some reason, I must believe that God gets the most glory when we are stuck. When we can't move without His hand. Those are the times that the little happy boys...become men. All we can do when we are stuck with Gloppy, is trust in God's beautiful plan and keep pushing forward. I am here now.

And finally... King Candy! While Im not sure that Heaven is going to be like King Candy's house...nor will our next step in life ...I am sure that it going to be a beautiful thing to behold. King Candy's place is the place that those happy little men persevered for. Making it out of the Nut House and Through the Gloppy Swamp...and onto the place that their Creator designed for them! Doesn't it just make you giddy? I am praying that God is glorified in my Gloppy Swamp right now...and that He gives me the perfect "cards" to finish out this particular game. And that the Candy Castle is just right around the corner!!!!!

Are you hungry now?


Whimsical Creations on January 26, 2010 at 9:18 PM said...

LOL, that was an awesome post.

Ashley on January 26, 2010 at 10:11 PM said...

What a great post!

I am in love with your blog! I absolutely love it!

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