Thursday, May 12, 2011

Geocaching...our new past-time!

So, we have finally found a hobby that the entire family enjoys. Even Brian (although he tries to act like he doesn't) likes it! What is it, you ask...


I know, some might be confused as to what this is. But, really, it is so simple! Basically, geocaching is like a huge, worldwide treasure hunt. People hide caches (boxes/containers) and include a log book, plus sometimes treasure, inside it. Then, using a gps, they write down the longitude and latitude coordinates of the hidden cache. The hider then brings the coordinates back to the internet and records the hidden cache on They also leave information about the area and sometimes more clues! Then, the finder takes the information and goes out into the world to find the cache. Make sense???

So, with our GPS (which actually is not the best for geocaching since it only takes us on roads) we set out to find some. Our first find was literally beside our house! Not joking! Since then, we have found them at a battle ground, state parks, roadsides, cemeteries (my faves), and historic places. Lots of learning going on here as well.

If you haven't joined in on the new craze...give it a try! Many times you don't even need a GPS, just good Mapquest directions. ;) Here are some pictures of our new found love.

I don't know why, but for some reason, it seems as though Governor O'Bannon would not have minded this.

The Constitution was under this tree that the Indiana constitution was signed!

This one was a fishing pole attached to the inside of a PVC pipe! You had to use the rod and lure to get the log book out of the bottom of the pipe. Isn't Abs hair in the wind just plain awesome?

And creatures discovered on one of the trips.



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