Monday, January 5, 2009

A Little Bit of a Catch Up--

Brian has been off of work since Christmas Eve, so the computer time has been scarce.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and week following. Peaceful, which is always a great blessing! The kids loved their gifts, of course. We had some stuffing soup at Denny's. Watched the new Adam Sandler movie. Visited 3 states in one day. Saw a Dragon. And even got a Kitchen Sink, somewhere along the way! Yes, we had a busy, peaceful, fun, productive couple of weeks. :)

Just going to do some pictures, and will back a little later to write a post for Jamie on the Monday Matchups!

Home-made Christmas at the Shaw's...taken from Sunny's cue, we made a lot of gifts this year. This was a crayon roll that I did for Abbie's class gift exchange. We made crayon rolls, super hero capes, and aprons.

I love how it looks like Jake and Isaac are giving Abs the "You are so weird" look. It should be the other way around, honestly.

The Great Grandkids...
Me with Brian's cousins...Amber and Sarah. Ummm...I need to push my glasses up.
Mimi and Uncle Justin are just awesome. Abs thought it was great that they would
play Chutes and Ladders with her.
Ummm...yeah, not awake yet.
He was trying to decide which chocolate to eat first.
Abbie opening her playstation...that she thought was a DVD player. lol
Daddy is as excited about the Playstation as the kids! He and Abbie love it, Isaac, well...he doesn't sit still long enough to love it.
A human Some friends took Brian and I to the Creation Museum on New Years day. It was a great double date! And poor Owen tagged along...and was fed to lots of Dinosaurs.
This was Brian's Dragon.
And this is what Brian looked like when he can't find a clean towel.
For some reason, the verses that were on the walls at the museum, meant so much to me! I enjoyed them, more than anything else! This one really stands out to me. It reminds me that when we look closely and pay attention...we see God's fingerprints everywhere.

As we were leaving the museum, we realized that we did not take a picture of ourselves there! What? So we took a self portrait in the parking lot.

Thanks for sharing our Christmas with us. I hope that you all had an equally wonderful one!



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