Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Isaac is Sick...with Double Pneumonia!

And yes...I can spell pneumonia! lol.

We took Isaac to the immediate care clinic tonight because he has been sick for forever (Beginning of December). We thought that he had just a really bad cold. He started vomiting on Sunday, but seemed to keep most things down. And he was running a fever. Monday, he seemed to be doing a little better, so we thought. Today, he wakes up sick again...coughing uncontrollably, and just can't seem to keep his eyes open! Brian was at work, and I had no way to get him to the dr's. So, we took him in tonight. DrMiller looked at us like...yes..this is serious. Full Left Lung...partial filled right. No admittance to the hospital, as she is worried that he will get more illnesses there. (If you didn't remember, Isaac has an immune disorder that causes him to catch everything...thus the pneumonia!)

So, we are hoping to catch him now. Hoping that this will work. Otherwise, he will be admitted with isolation. EEks! That would be all sorts of fun for a 3 year old huh??? He is on some really beefed up inhaler, another beefed up oral steroid, and a zpac. Hopefully one of those will knock it out. If nothing else, it is providing Isaac with LOTS of energy!!!!!!!! lol.

Thanks for your prayers---oh and in case any one cares...DR MILLER IS ENGAGED!!! I was so stinking excited about this! She was just bubbling over telling us all about it. Have I ever told anyone how much we love that woman???


Nicky on January 30, 2008 at 8:23 AM said...

Aunt Nicky will be praying for you Isaac. Miss you. Still have your birthday presents. Hope to see you soon. ~Aunt Nicky. Smooch


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