Friday, January 25, 2008

Prayers For Wisdom...

In December, Brian was hired by a nationwide company that supplies maintenance and cleaning teams for industrial companies. He was hired as a supervisor. Looked to be a decent job. Right before Christmas, we learned that they were going to loose the account that Brian would be in charge of. They wanted him to relocate to Evansville instead. Too far away for us. So, Brian left it with them that if they were able to keep the other account in Indianapolis, to let him know.

So, today, a month later...they call. We have just gotten comfortable at this church. We have a plan for selling the house and getting out of debt...we were even thinking of putting Abbie in the Christian school at the church. Finally feeling rooted and grounded in something of a normal family. Only thing missing is...a job.

Now, they want him in Indy. Start immediately. But, it is a 2 hr drive. So, he would have to stay there through the week until we sell the house. That would cost more money. As would the gas. And, it would be nearly impossible to finish the house to sell it. As of this moment, we are thinking that Brian will take it, just until he is able to get something a little closer, or at least pay more in Indianapolis. With the cost of housing hirer in Indy, we would probably need just a little more than what he would make there. So, pray for wisdom. This really threw us for a loop! lol



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