Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My girl is becoming girly...

Oh my Abbie is showing signs of truly being a little girl. She has always had little boys to be her friend, so her girliness has been stifled some. I have noticed since we started at our new church though, Abbie is really thriving in girl land. She is proud that she is in a girls class. She loves singing her songs. And, she has a little admirer. All the other boys in her life, she has known since birth/infancy...they were like brothers to her. Now, she is noticing that there are BOYS! lol. There is this one little boy in her class who has made a VERY big point to call her by name and walk with her (and us) in the hallways. I watched my sweet little girl as this HORRIBLE ( ok really adorable..) little boy named Brock, approached my daughter and said, "Hi Abbie." Using that very soft puppy love kind of voice. I watched Abbie change her face color from her normal pale to a VERY bright pink. Then...I heard her voice as she was talking to him in the hallway, go from a normal bubbly Abbie voice, to a sweet soft hush voice. YIKES! It really is cute, but totally not being encouraged! Brock will be a friend just like everyone else...I am just really enjoying seeing this soft feminine side of Abbie. The girl who can put most boys her age to the ground and look at them with sweat in her face and say, "Do you give up?" For some reason, I am not thinking that I will see her this way with Brock! lol.


Nicky on January 24, 2008 at 10:16 AM said...

Hmmm. Sounds like another little girl I once knew with fair skin and freckles... Smooch.


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