Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Camping We Will Go


Our families first camping trip. Trying to plan for it, and I am suddenly forgetting all of the things that I loved as a child.

We will be camping in a primitive site. Brian wants NO modern conveniences. We will not even have a picnic table. It is a walk in site. You have to take a little jaunt to the site back in the woods. Abbie was all excited b/c she found some wild berries when we checked it out. She thought that she would pick the berries, and Brian would catch fish to eat. I let her try one berry, and she promptly spit it out. Guess I will have to bring food huh?

My parents are going too, and staying in the comfy cushy RV, in the not so primitive area. wink wink. So, if we go crazy in the wilderness....we will have a rescue!

Leaving on back Sunday Night...



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