Sunday, July 13, 2008


As I laid in my bed the other night, I realized something. Something really strange. It was quiet. Wow... I realized something else...I LOVED IT! I did not want to go to sleep b/c the quiet was overtaking me. I was relishing it like I do crisp autumn leaves and a Christmas snowfall. The air conditioner was humming was asleep...mmmmmm....

I have decided that I am going to have a date night with quiet, every night. I will take the time to enjoy it, to help release the stress and craziness of a day with these munchkins of mine and my newest little loaner munchkin (that is what Brian and I call Bella...with love of course. She is on loan to us for the days...our loaner munchkin!) When the house is silent, I will take the time to prepare myself for a good sleep and a great next day. I am adding in my second devotion time in that slot. It will not need to be as long as my time in the morning, but enough to offer praise for good things! Looking forward to the quiet. Never thought this little heart of mine would say that.



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